September 30   What now?

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Tamlin and I have become quite good goalies. We both have some epic bruises (although hers is from falling UP the stairs)! I came across my bruise when ‘Josh’ (who kicks crazy hard) said he’d try his hardest kick with us. I stuck my foot out and let it connect with the top of my ankle. That in its self was painful and bruise worthy what really set the swelling in was when Tamlin’s lead imbedded shoe connected with the top of my ankle about half a hundredth of a second after the ball. That is not the point. The swelling has started to go down and I’m back in being part goalie. Some of the ‘Top Notch’ soccer boys (whom nobody likes I might add) decided that the “pansies’ that were already trying to get goals were just being… Pansies. To be honest they weren’t as fantastic as they make themselves sound. Either that or they’re used to really rubbish goalies. One boy who I really dislike who thinks he’s It decides that he’ll try take a shot. He had to get so close to the goals before he shot that Tamlin and I decided he should stand where we stood and then kick to get it in. By now the other boys had had enough and joined in. It was scary the amount of feet that were in front of us. So instead of waiting for them to get their act together and score a goal I tried to kick the ever increasingly close ball away from the gaols. That was at the exact time that the boy decided he would take his shot. Our feet collided. His with my bruise, mine on where my bruise would be if it was on him. This I must admit was painful but it gave me enough time to drop onto my knees grave the ball and then kick it out again. I won’t lie and say that I was being strong. It was FLIPPEN’ sore!!! But there was ‘Seth’ lying on the floor having a complete melt down. Caressing his ankle, shouting in pain. When I confronted him about this. He took great offence and said that it was because he was so used to it. I then explained how if HE was the one used to it I should’ve been the one on the ground. He then took more offence and promptly told me to Shut Up after I told him his logic made no sense. He sits in front of me. (Aren’t I lucky?)  He made a point of it for the rest of the day he was kissing his ankle and getting a lot of sympathy from anyone who would give him some. I on the other hand made a point of making a point of showing every one my epic bruise!

September 27   Nothing much

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There hasn’t been too much going on at school being the last week of school. Tamlin and I have been impressing the boys with our Football Goalie Skills. We haven’t been doing much except for what’s supposed to be our Puberty Course. We had a drug awareness thing on Monday. Today we had a few videos. They actually aren’t really about PUBERTY at all. They’re just about inside the human body. Just about all that we’ve seen has been about little baby growth and inside the brain. So it’s all good nothing especially gross or anything. I’m trying hard to think of anything that really made me uncomfortable. There really isn’t much at all.

Oh there is one thing that made me a little bit uncomfortable. It really wasn’t much but… it was at the beginning and end of each section of the video when they went through a whole long line of NAKED PEOPLE!!!!!!! WHAT THE FLIPPP!?!?!?! A LITTLE BIT UNCOMFORTABLE?!?! The narrator explained that each person was older then the next. And it went up pretty far!!! It’s been permanently imprinted on my brain.

When we were watching the less interesting one. He blabbed and blabbed about the brain and just wouldn’t stop talking! Now, understand that this was after an hour of watching how the baby developed and started walking and blah, blah, blah. I was already numb in one leg and my back was sore so I already wasn’t in the greatest of moods. There was something about his voice that made you want to puke on the video machine just to get it to stop. It was also like it would NEVER stop which was the most concerning part!

So really nothing much happening at school…

September 26   DBPB

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Dear U.S. Government,

I do not like this Uncle Sam, I do not like his health care scam. I do not like these dirty crooks or how they lie and cook the books. I do not like when Congress steals, I do not like their secret deals. I do not like ex-speaker Nan, I do not like this “YES WE CAN.” I do not like this spending spree, I’m smart, I know that nothing’s free. I do not like their smug replies when I complain about their lies. I do not like this kind of hope. I do not like it. Nope, nope, nope.

Sincerely, Dr. Suess.

This was found on Dear Blank Please Blank

It’s one of the most clever DBPBs I’ve ever read.

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If you are a guest at this house the usual will happen. We’re all very sweet and make lovely chit chat. Mom will clean the carpet and tell the guests how disturbed she is by the state of our rooms. You know, the usual. Jessica and I will be as sociable as we need to be (moms long lost best friend from collage: Saying hi is all that’s needed. Gran and Grandad at Christmas: LOADS of attention).

It’s a pretty well practised and organised operation. Unless The Grump is out.

It’s more a fact of if you are a guest at this house and The Grump happens to be at her ripest we will say hi and try to worn the guest before it’s too late. The Grump will then ambush them from out of the blue explaining what a ‘crap’ day she’s been having. At this point Mom will tell the guests how disturbed she is by The Grump in general and from then on we try and entertain the guest and calm The Grump. I’m telling you. It’s a tough job but… thank goodness mom does it.

September 19   Hugs from me to you

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I go to school: I give Tamlin a handshake

I’m having a bad day: I give Tamlin a handshake

I’m having a good day: I give Tamlin a handshake

I just feel like a handshake: I give Tamlin a handshake.

I leave school: I give Tamlin a handshake

Does something seem wrong about that? The fact that two 12/11 year olds are shaking hands is only half the problem. The other half is the fact that in every handshake we should be hugging.

Tamlin and I are very ‘huggy’. It’s cool for us. If something bad happens I give her a hug and vice versa. It’s a universal way of children (especially girls) to say good morning and goodbye. I’m pretty sure most generations do it. Not ours.

Apparently hugs have been banned. Now, I wasn’t at school for a week and that’s how I have been greeted. It’s cruel really. Apparently two children, (for grade 5. GRADE 5 ?!?!)  A boy and a girl were found hugging (in different peoples versions there might have been some kissing action to help to the suspicion that it may be more then just friends). The principal was addressed and the next day there was a serious talk from our principal. I think they took this out of proportion and until they add it to our set of rules and our code of conduct I will continue to give Tamlin hugs. And anyone else for that matter… 😉

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As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I have been sick. Well I went to dad’s house. I was watching some TV and then I got tired and climbed into bed and slept for quite a while. Until I go woken up by dad. I was confused and then excited that I got to go to school. He told me: No, we’re eating supper now

Me: Bummer

I then promptly told dad that I was fine and that I didn’t want supper and that I was fine in bed. He told me that I didn’t have a choice and that the lounge was nice and warm. I got up, told dad to get me something to drink, got my two stools that I eat and sit on and waited. The last thing I remember is dad coming in putting my dinner on my stool and me just looking at it…

Apparently what had happened is dad then said: “ Lets close our eyes for grace” he then did he continued, “Tamsyn you’ll like this I made the rice” (that’s a standing joke with us*). I didn’t laugh so dad turned to look at me and I was falling into my rice. I was going in and out of conciseness. My lips where as white as paper, I was very clammy, I lost control of my bladder. Dad was patting me down with a cloth while Miranda and Jessica packed a bad for me. Apparently I was boiling hot and very heavy. I was leaning back on dad. All I remember is hearing dad calling my name so I came into conciseness again and I felt my wet trousers and was very distressed (which is understandable seeing as I’m 12 and 5months so, yes, I wasn’t pleased). I remember being helped to the car in the mean while taking off my wet trousers. I was wearing my socks and I was feeling cooler and less out of this world. Dad put me on his shoulder to carry me to the car ‘cos the ground was wet. I remember saying: “Ow you’re hurting my stomach”. And he was. He had one of his bones in my stomach. Some sort of shoulder bone. We went to the emergency room. I was put into a wheelchair. There was so much asking of questions and everything. I was so sick of answering questions by the end of it. They took blood, which meant needles. They gave me a drip, which meant needles. They needed to change the drip twice, which meant more needles. Turns out I’m not a big fan of needles. I had a whole bunch of sticky things stuck to my chest. Then wiry things clipped on to those then taken off. Then the sticky things were forgotten about.  I had to go for X-rays. This was the scariest. All I had to do was stand up facing one way put my shoulders foreword and take a deep breath. I did the first on e but then straight after had to sit down because I was getting the faint feeling. I did. The X-ray lady was very sympathetic. I stood up for the second one and the faint feeling was almost instant but we got the second photo but I was crazy close to fainting again. I was taken in a bed and after that second photo I was lying face down on the bed. I only had to do it one more time. This time it was the easiest because I had to hang on to something. I got taken back and told I was staying over. I had my drip changed and laid in the waiting bedroom. Mom did the medical aid and after a long time I was put in the paediatric ward.    THE      PEADIATRIC      WARD!?!?!?!?!    So not great but at least a bed. I thought I could sleep more than and hour. Ha, ha, ha poor deluded me. I was woken up every hour when they came and changed my supply of drip stuff. And when it wasn’t that  they woke me up to check my pulse and my blood pressure. And when they weren’t waking me up for THAT my lovely next-door neighbour was crying me awake. And when it wasn’t THAT it was some other baby. And they came and did that every hour until they opened my curtains as some sort of ‘subtle’ wake up call, which I’ll have everyone know, I promptly ignored. I was dreaming and slowly drifting off when dad came. And then mom. So my hopes of sleeping where shattered. My ‘yummy’ breakfast came and I was given a numbing patch so that when they check my blood again it wouldn’t hurt as much. My ‘yummy’ breakfast was a) the first thing I’d eaten since 14:30 the previous day so I was peckish. I was given scrambled eggs with an S shaped sausage. It was not particularly appetizing. I was also given a fruit bowl. That was quite nice but it consisted mainly of melon, which I can eat, but I don’t usually. I ate a bit of that and ate some sugar free sweets and Date and Almond balls. It was good. Mom and dad went to get there (probably much nicer) breakfast when the dr. came I had to answer all his questions. Then finally after almost all of his examination mom and dad came back. He told me I was free to go. I nearly objected because I’d already chosen the chicken snitchel with mushroom sauce for dinner. A little disappointing. I packed up took off my numbing patch as we didn’t use it. I am writing this now and it’s still very numb. It’s exactly like having a dead leg that doesn’t want to wake up.

We arrived at the hospital at 19:25 and got to my room at 23:30 and everyone (mom, dad, Miranda) left at 23:50. I went to sleep at ?unknown

*Dad had cooked rice for us twice.

1st time: We told him we were hungry and that he was taking long so he put the rice in for 4 min. It was like eating rock.

2nd time: I wasn’t even there he put it in for 18 min. 4 min. at a time always adding water and still it was like softer rock

September 12   OH. MY. GOSH.

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Never attempt to watch Red Riding Hood. We decided we wanted to watch this movie when we heard such good reviews. So we rented it tonight and its age restriction is only 10. I couldn’t handle it. In fact right now I’ve got my music playing loudly enough that I can’t hear the T.V. I’m trying to do anything BUT think about Red Riding Hood.

I guess it’s a good story. From what I heard from when I was there is that there’s a ‘wolf’ that they sacrifice there best stock for. But then it kills Red’s sister there’s some love story in-between that to me is pointless. Then a man came who knows the truth about all this ‘wolf’ junk. How the wolf wouldn’t be killed until the wolf possessed person is killed. He calls a lock down on the whole town to try figure out who the possessed person is. It’s all very confusing. I left then. It has a lot of promise and is clever. I think that if it was a book it would be easier to digest because I don’t think that the movie was done particularly well. I think that Tim Burton could have MADE this movie. It is scary but it’s a clever story and they seem to be trying to keep historical accuracy (this movie is based in another time. Thank goodness! It would be scarier if it was in this day and age).  

So you might be tempted to watch the movie now. Don’t.


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Saturday I went to W.P. trials (that blog post will appear once I get the final scores and the names of the schools that we played). I played 3 full games and by the end of it I had a very sore chest. Me being an idiot I forgot to bring my asma pump. Mrs Knox being not an idiot had brought one. I used that a few times. Then yesterday when Tamlin came over I was hacking and coughing the whole time. We joked about how I couldn’t leave her at school alone and it was very funny. I went to bed with this painful cough and a huge headache. I couldn’t sleep with the cough and had not rested or even dosed until one o’clock when I finally managed to fall asleep. Not for long though. All I remember is then being in the bathroom. Feeling very dizzy. I was wondering how I got there and I was still very confused. I staggered (yes, staggered like drunk person) to my bed where the only way to describe how I got into bed is: PLOPPED. So I plopped into bed face down. I slept a little more. Then at 6:30 mom came in to see if I was fit to go to school. I wasn’t. I wasn’t even fit to go to the doctors in my opinion. So I stayed home. I slept on and off for a while when mom came in awhile later she told me that she had made a doctors appointment for 11:00. I slept again, on and off. She then woke me up again at 10:30. I wasn’t so much as dizzy now but…Heavy. I felt like every time I brought my foot up I was also bringing up a ton of bricks. I bathed and got ready. We were there dead on time (of course). I then nearly fell asleep in the waiting room as we watched every single old-foegy in Fish Hoek go before me. I was practically drooling on mom’s arm when Dr. Henry called me. For such a long wait it was a very depressing examination. The minute I walked in he asked me what my symptoms were. Told to sit on the bed take some deep breaths. Put his bright pink Disney Princess thermometer under my tongue. I nearly refused to put it under my tongue, but to be honest I wasn’t in the mood. He then wrote out both my mom’s and my sick letters gave me some anti-biotics and told me that I had the beginnings of bronchitis. He added that I must stay home tomorrow aswel. Yay, more school missed. I think I’ll go crazy because I actually like school!

September 9   AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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Just sitting down to write this is an effort! Today is the play. I have made our Program and hacked off half our tree but I think I’ve done everything that I can. I’ve also been getting ready to make a fool of myself again with my civvies (it’s okay not only do I get lots of attention I get to be called weird every 2 seconds so not all bad). We have a new thing going around. WEAR CIVVIES TO SUPPORT OUR BOKKS!! Free of charge. Great! The conditions were it had to be something green, gold or yellow. After looking for a top that’s green, gold or yellow. That failed! It turns out that not one family member looks good in green, gold or yellow. I found a pair of mom’s bright green shorts and tried them on. On me they were HUGE!!! So I took a belt and did that with some brown pantyhose so I don’t get cold. I then found my Let Me Dumb It Down For You shirt, which just happens to be bright yellow! YAY! So I do look like a retard but I don’t mind it in the least!!! I’m writing this and taking as long as possible so that I don’t leave too early for school, which I always do when I’m excited or nervous. I keep getting up checking everything coming and sitting back down and writing some more. It’s actually quite ridiculous! I’m even planning on leaving late. Except I don’t think I’ll let myself!!!

I’m leaving to make a fool of myself on stage and off!

September 8   Drama

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Tamlin and I are in an A.C. (arts and culture) play, which we have to do for marks this year. Last term we did a Save Our Earth poem, which went extraordinarily badly!!!!! This time we were given a page that told us the story of How Africa Got Fire. We were told to make a script and then the rehearsals will be on every Friday until we do the play. That was great. We had to be in groups of 7. Not so great. To be honest Tamlin and I could’ve done the whole play by ourselves. So there we were looking sheepishly at people who got into their groups. We were walking back to Tamlin’s desk when we both got pulled in simultaneously and were now in a group… Sure it was a group but it was a group with ‘Dylan’, ‘Austin’, ‘Josh’, another ’Josh’ an ‘Lwuango’. These are 5 troublemakers. Seriously! We, at the time, were excited. ‘Dylan’ was very dramatic and ‘Austin’ is in Drama with Mrs Beadly and is in her up coming play. We were given two words of warning and genuine concern from Mrs Gerstner “Good Luck”. That should’ve been our warning. You would think. But it wasn’t. We were told that we were to make our script. That was the easy part! Tamlin and I were instantly inspired by the New South Africa and we continued from there. ‘Dylan’ had mentioned that we should get together on a Saturday. I thought that was a good idea and organised it with everyone. Yes’s from everyone. I made a few calls to the parents and I even cleaned my room!!! Tamlin, ‘Lwango’ and another ‘Josh’ pitched up to help create our script. We waited for about half an hour but then couldn’t wait any more. We still didn’t get THAT much more work done but we had the basics.


Tamsyn: Giraffe

Another ‘Josh’: Hawk

‘Josh’: Lion

Tamlin: Leopard (Afrikaans)

‘Dylan’: Antelope (Cape coloured)

‘Lwango’: Buffalo (Xhosa)

‘Austin’: King Elephant

All the characters were given to us unfortunately but it worked pretty well. Tamlin and I preferred to work alone and got a full 4½-page play going. This amazed all our teachers as everyone had kept there’s to one page. But Tamlin and I weren’t fazed it wasn’t a difficult script. The only long parts were King Elephant’s speeches, which were the same every time so he could learn them easily. We both love writing and Mrs Gerstner honestly wasn’t surprised. We had copies made and then everyone highlighted their parts. We had our first practise and to be honest I can’t remember it that well but I know it didn’t go too well. This carried on until Mrs Gerstner saw me slap all 5 of them behind the head. Which I then felt bad about and apologized to Mrs Gerstner who really hates violence. She replied “It’s OK I give you permission to slap them. They’re getting on my nerves too”. I then realised this was really not going away. Tamlin and I knew our lines relatively well. We came up with a solution. We should use the Dog Training technique. We both bought a packet of sweets. Looking back I realise that this was a mistake and that it just made them hyper. We soon stopped this. We were then reminded about our dance that we had to have in our play. DANCE?!?!?!?!?! We were a little shocked, as I didn’t remember that at all! Tamlin and I decided that we weren’t doing anymore and that they MUST choreograph the dance. After a few more dreadful play rehearsals Tamlin came over for a sleepover. No reason whatsoever. The next day she and I were talking about the play and we realised we had no costumes. Tamlin and I and Hawk were the only animals that had markings so we decided that we really should make those. We tie-dyed two plain white shirts. That was going great except they looked like something Misty puked up. Then we were thinking about Hawk’s outfit. Tamlin, the creative one, had an idea. We went through Great Granny’s cabinet that is in my room and that has Great Granddad’s doll house on. We opened it up and found a quite dusty piece of beige material. We then made a quick trip to spar and found some yellow, orange, whitish, brown and black feathers. Me as the model (or course) and Tamlin as the designer (of course) we created one of the things that I’m most proud of in my life. By that time our tie-dyed shirts were sort of ready. The hideous things looked amazing! We were so pleased that we tie-dyed my shorts as well for the play. It was going really well. We called ‘Dylan’ and asked if any of the boys had made any attempts at the dance. The answer unsurprisingly was no. So Tamlin and I were motivated to the core so we created a dance to AkunaMatata from The Lion King. We then arranged for the group to come next week and learn the dance. The next week comes along pretty quickly and not one person arrived. Tamlin couldn’t but no one else came I thought it’d be fine if she didn’t come because she already knew it. We were told that the play was to be in two weeks. This was most distressing. But it still didn’t motivate them. Tamlin and I had it up to our eyeballs with them. Desperate measures called for desperate means. I shortened the music to 30 seconds and Tamlin took the making of the fire into her own creative hands. Tamlin and I did absolutely everything. And now the boys are going to pay for it. I am now making a program for our play. (More work you ask? It’s okay this time! Script by: Tamsyn and Tamlin, Dance by: Tamsyn and Tamlin and so on and so on. Cruel you ask? Not at all!!!

The play is tomorrow. We could possibly die in front of everyone but at least Mrs Gerstner knows how much work we did!