November 21   Grandad B

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I hope you’re having a lovely birthday. The best yet ( 😉 )

My gift is the card that’s letting you know that I’m thinking of you today. But the real gift is the HUG. That is for you to wear whenever! From your favourite granddaughter!!! (I’m kidding). I hope that your day gets better and better!

November 19   Sports Day

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I’ve always loved sports days. When I was younger they were cool ways to show off my fastness-ness. Now they are a good way to scream my lungs out and…a cool way to show off my fastness-ness. There are things called prelims. We have them for each house. Peers (children with surnames with letter beginning A-G. We’re the Green house), Dollery (children with surnames with letters beginning H2O. They are the blue house (ironic isn’t it?)) and De Villiers  (they are the rest of the letters and the yellow team. In the prelims we run against children our age in our house to get into a race. You get races A 1,2,3 then B 1,2,3 C 1,2,3 D 1,2,3,4 then if you’re not in any of those races you’re utterly useless to the team and are free of races. They obviously have different races for boys and girls. They have the If-You-Want-To-1 200m and the relays. The relays are for children who came in A 1,2,3 B,1 and reserve B 2.

I came B 3. Which I think is really awesome because last year I came C 3. I would’ve been in the C race but the girl that might have beat me ‘unfortunately’ tripped over her own feet.  

Tamlin hates prelims and sports day but decided that this year she’ll try (every year she runs as slowly as possible and doesn’t get into a race. Which so far has worked!). This year she came B 2 so not only was she doing a race like every one else she was reserve for relays.

Leading up to sports day there is a lot of ‘whose house you in?’. And ultimately I think that these sports days promote racist. There is also a lot of “I don’t want to talk to YOU YOU’RE in Dollery” and so on.

Dollery won last year with De Villiers close behind and Peers (as usual) was faaar behind. We had created quite the reputation for losing. Peers hasn’t won for about 10 years. It’s always a fight between Dollery and De Villiers and they’ve both won plenty of times before.

On the day you’re not aloud to use face paint or anything else like that. You may wear a shirt of your colour (green, blue, yellow). There are many remarks on who’s going to win and how the other teams are going to lose. When we’re aloud to go down to the field to our designated area we see our ‘cheerleaders’ (they control us by telling us what songs to sing and when to shut up and other things.) They are the ones who get to dress up and cover themselves in face paint. I will admit that Dollery was the best looking the boys were Blue Devils (that in the beginning I thought were avatars) and the girls blue pixies in short skirts and whatnot. De Villiers were bumble-bees I think and peers were wearing white shirts with green writing (mainly on the back with things like “You just got OWNED” or “Eat my DUST!”) which I don’t think were appreciated as much I as I thought they should’ve. Our seating arrangements were different this year and it was Dollery the very close to them was Peers (most of the people sat on the edge of the Peers to Dollery side) and then on the other side of us De Villiers. We could barely here De Villiers who had no new songs. Peers had a new song and Dollery had a new song. Peers was most defiantly the loudest but we faded a lot towards the end. Dollery had the most dancy, singing, active people who started added ‘Dollery’ to lots of the pop songs like “Who run the world.… DOLLERY!” (to the song Who run the world-girls.). There were of course challenges as the day went by ‘Tara’s’ brother (in grade 2) got kicked quite forcefully in the nuts… a few times by other grade 2’s which I thought was unnecessary on a ‘fun’ day like Sports Day. And ‘Nardie’… This really pissed me off. On one of the If-You-Want-To-1 200m practises ‘Nardie’ has an ‘asthma’ attack. My inverted commas may seem rude but given her history of making up absolutely EVERY disease possible to get attention I seem to think they’re necessary. ESPECIALLY when I have/had asthma. She then came to school on Sports Day in her ridiculously short shorts* and ran the If-You-Want-To-1 200m and conveniently when she was losing had an asthma attack. But then after the medics and every one was absolutely worried she promptly told us that she ‘never brought her asthma pump to school’. And this bugged me MORE than usual because I then had a completely stressed and depressed Tamlin (stressed because of doing the relays and depressed because she was certain that she wouldn’t be good enough (‘Nerdie’ came A 2) or that she’d mess up) After too much sympathy of my liking Tamlin was confidant that she could maybe do it. When she did it there was a fumble getting her the battern but she made up good time. When she passed the battern she tripped on the girl’s foot but all was well. It was then our race. We were both B races and Tamlin and I were terrified about racing each other. WE told each other that it didn’t matter and that we must bother run our best. On your Marks, Get set, BANG. Jeez my heart was pounding. I focused on a point BEHIND the finish line and then zoom it was all done. Tamlin came 5th and I came 3rd, which we all thought was pretty darn FANTASTIC!!! I was really happy and modest. (Truelly modest. Not ‘modest’.).

Soon enough it was time to read the final scores. Usually around the end they turn the score board so the children can’t see it but this year they didn’t. So Mr Williams did his suspense-filled-even-though-we-already-now-the-score-speech. De Villiers was completely no where with 200 and something point, Dollery was second with 404 points and Peers first with a whopping 427 points! Not only was the reading a fail we weren’t aloud to do our victory lap because Mr Williams decided that we weren’t doing that anymore. MY FIRST YEAR TO DO THE VICTORY LAP, RUINED!!!

It was lots of fun afterward because all but 1 of my other friends is in Peers the rest are all in Dollery so bragging (in a good natured way) was all the better.

*You wouldn’t think I have a problem with this girl AT ALL!! Cha!

* ‘Unfortunatly’ dad couldn’t run in the dad’s race. OH WELL! What ya goona do?

November 3   Petty

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I am really disappointed with not only the grade 6s but the 7s,4s and 5s. The other day a small group was forming. Either a fight or an epileptic fit. , (I’m not even joking a boy had two epileptic fits during break before). We assumed the first because he’s in grade 8 now. We were right. A grade 6 boy and a grade 4 boy were fighting. I could do as much as role my eyes for them. As if that wasn’t bad enough that they chose the week we had a visitor from England. The worst part was the petty, petty people that followed the circle. The field was practically deserted. Tamlin and I were disgusted because we literally watched people drop everything and sprint to get a good spot to watch the ‘show’.  Tamlin and I didn’t even THINK about going there. Our soccer game was completely gone because we had about 3 players.

Absolutely revolting.