August 31   Hunger Games

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Back in grade 5 I went past a boy who is very anti-social and quite nerdy. He was reading a book. I don’t know why but it caught my eye. I rudely interrupted him by standing by his desk reading the back. I apologized and finished quickly. It got me thinking and I started writing Survival Camp*. I am not much of a reader myself and at that time the only books I had read were the Princess Diaries series (1-10). Which is a cute story but nothing for an aspiring writer. Mom was still trying very hard to get me to read ANYTHING so she brought home 3 books. One of them was the book that inspired me to write only with the back of its cover. The name of the book was Hunger Games.  I didn’t really care about the other books and went in instantly. I was in love with it. I really didn’t want to read it at school because some of the bits made me cry except I couldn’t resist and took it to school the day Rue dies. (Still really sad.). This sucked because I couldn’t cry at school, which was very SUCKISH! I read it and was in love with Suzanne Collins (the author). I read and the page after the last page said: “Are you ready for more? Book 2 coming soon.”

I couldn’t believe it. Well I could. Although I didn’t have to wait that long for the second book it was still a very long wait. When it did come out that was the book I got straight away. I read that book it was called Catching Fire-Hunger Games. It all made so much sense and then BOOK 3!!!!! YAAAY!!! More! This one I had to wait a little longer than the last one. I waited very patiently (ya I know that doesn’t sound like me. Well that’s probably because every single day I asked if it’d come out yet). Once I’d read the third book I was complete and I could read a lot more. Like Pratchett, Emily The Strange and a lot more. I read this again after my books had gone through mom, Jessica, all Jessica’s friends. I then lent it to Tamlin when the greatest news came to my ears. THERE WAS GOING TO BE A MOVIE!!! This movie (being very VERY closely monitored by me) was going to come out on 23 March 2012 (notice that the date is sooooooo meant to be). Once Tamlin was completely addicted I started reading them again. I have read the first one but I can’t continue because Jessica has lost it. The search has started so it’s okay. I honestly can’t wait for this movie to come out and if they screw it up I will hunt them down and make them redo it!

*After it being changed as I wrote, read and learnt more this is what the story was about.

Survival Camp was a kind of orphanage created by the government to keep the country a first world country. When the child has no relatives or anybody to go to once all the family has died they are sent to Survival Camp. Here they are forced to fight as teams. There are two teams and those teams have wars where there are any rules as long as it doesn’t mean joining the other team. They do this every day and once you turn 18 you may leave and you can then take out a relative. Two sisters are sent to the Survival Camp. There the youngest child meets a child from the other team and they end up over throwing the whole concept.

August 27   The Grump is back!

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Oh man we’re all going to die. I don’t know who stuck a beehive up The Grump’s arse but we’re all going to die. The Grump has a music concert in an hour and she seems to think that she needs to get ready now. So everyone must get ready NOW! So we do. But she doesn’t like what we’re wearing. So I change but then Mom isn’t happy. I change mean while The Grump is mumbling and arguing. But The Grump now is complaining that we don’t understand. I don’t know what will happen and as I write this I’m locked inside my room to keep shelter. Wouter is in is garage where The Grump dare not go and Mom is trying to get the beehive out of The Grump’s arse. I must let you know that this isn’t working and there is only a bunch of shouting.

We’re doomed…

August 22   GO TEAM

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I’ve just come back from Zonals/Circuit Trials. Our team’s competition was Hershel and um… SomeotherplacethatIcan’tremeberthenameof.  SomeotherplacethatIcan’tremeberthenameof was our first match. They were kind of difficult but we were of course BETTER! We beat them:

SomeotherplacethatIcan’tremeberthenameof   3 us 11

We got a nice time to eat the chocks that ‘Margaret’ gave us, and the energade.  This was also a very good time for the team to turn against each other. There was a lot of Drama* and Blaming going on which didn’t suit me at all. There were only 4 of them but they were putting everyone down. I’m telling you it was going to affect our gaming.

Then our dreaded match. Hershel. They wore pink and had determination in their eyes. That didn’t scare us (much). We saw their wounded (their Centre) and pounced. Although it was tough we managed (with a lot of Not-Throwing-To-So-In-So-Because-I’m-Fighting-With-Them going on) to get 3-3 by the end of the first half. I had a trouble partner TO BE HONEST! There was a lot of If-I-Could-I-Would-Punch-Your-Face-In from ‘Nandi’ and I because ‘Nandi’ was sulking about only playing half time when ‘Mrs Keller’s’ said to me that I could have these full matches. She sulked so much that in the end I had the captain, ‘Mrs Keller’s’, my whole team, and the other team (them, because they wanted to continue with the other half) pressuring me. I gave it to ‘Nandi’. I wasn’t happy. I didn’t give it to her with a pat on the back and a smile saying “Good Job! Do your Best” I went off sulkily. I had enough of ‘Sandy’ ‘Cathy’ ‘Nina’ and ‘Nandi’ and THEIR sulking and now it was my turn. I had the full right to play the full match. I was playing well, I had learnt all my partner’s strengths and weaknesses and ‘Mrs Keller’s’ had said that I could. So yes I have a tad problem with that. I am also not pleased with my team for their moaning and whining. It just put the team down.

We won the match

Hershel 4

Us 8

Injuries consisted of: Stomach pains, head pains, finger pains, chest pains and pretty much everything else

*I think they keep getting confused. Drama is on Friday’s  Zonals are on Monday.

August 19   Come ON!

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Dear Readers

COMMENT FOR PEATES SAKE!!!! I don’t bite (what’s the cyber verison of that?). Seriously there’s nothing wrong with appreciating my works of art (just joking)!

Sincerely Your comment wanting, Dear Blank Please Blank loving Frind, Tamsyn

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Well today we had P.T. and English, we had maths in the morning and…uh… OH YA we’re all going to die tomorrow. Okay Joking! Only the people who live in Fish Hoek.  Apparently there is a huge storm coming (well that’s not a lie seeing as I’m sitting here looking out the window as it’s bombarded with raindrops) and there will be the strongest winds that have ever been recorded in the Fish Hoek valley tomorrow as well as a giant wave 40 ft/10 m high (worse than Japan) all happening tomorrow. One particularly blonde girl told us (very urgently) that we must lock all our doors and windows because the winds might blow some of the papers in our house around. Yes, THAT’S why we’d lock our doors and windows. Nothing to do with all the water…

In my opinion* it’s a bunch of boohacky. Why JUST our valley? Where is this news coming from? I’ll believe it when the head of our national weather council*2 tell us that it’s true.

‘Slightly’ blonde girl who got her info from the attention seeker. Who got the info from her father. vs.  National Weather Council

Hmmmmm… This is a tough one!

So If  I suddenly stop posting for more than a week I’ve probably just forgotten and not drowned to death. Have a lovely night.  :-)

*Oh dear…

*2 I do hope there is one of those

August 17   Um… SUUUURE

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Permission to be confused! I was working my butt off at Netball yesterday without Tamlin ‘cos she had a dentist appointment (which got cancelled. grr ). I had felt really bad and my chest was tight so I didn’t play in the U12 vs. U11 (which we lost. Sound stupid seeing as we’re literally the unbeatable team. More of that later). I come out after being poked in the chest (not cool when your chest is so tight) and who is standing there oh-so-cool *‘Alfie’. He then subtly shouts in his loudest stage whisper YES THAT IS Tamsyn to some strange boy in grade 7. So I went over and asked what his problem was when he explained that he knew my secret. (I was truly confused. What secret?). Turns out it was the secret that ‘Dean. A’ had asked me out and that I had said yes. Well that was news to me. I was quite intrigued although totally disgusted. He then shouted that out a few times until I told him that he should go suck on something and walked home. I’m going to school now and I can’t wait to ask ‘Dean. A’ where the HECK this came from… 

*all names are changed for the blog. Cos who would seriously name their child Alfie!?!?!

August 11   Oh BOY!

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I am having so much fun at school at the moment. I usually have fun at school but I’m now having EXTRA fun. There is a child who (for the sake of the blog) will be named ‘Dope’.  Tamlin has always had a suspicion that a boy, ‘Dope’, liked her. (When I say suspicion I mean: YOU-WOULD-HAVE-TO-BE-COMPLETELY-DENSE-NOT-TO-REALISE). Although Tamlin has no interest in him at all. She really thinks he’s kind of creepy. He’s a chubby, dark haired (he once looked like a ‘skunk’ when he died the top of his hair BLONE!) boy that’s in grade 5 (but he’s supposed to be in grade 6). Tamlin and ‘Dope’ go to aftercare together. ‘Dope’ asked out a (very popular) grade 6 ‘Kindle’ but she said no. He was ‘heart-broken’-Quote (from him). He then asked out another girl, ‘Rose-Mary’. She said yes and they had a lovely 2minute relationship. He then broke up with her. His excuse was that she was ‘using him’-Quote (from him AGAIN) to become popular. Question: Why the HECK would anyone (even ‘Rose-Mary’) date a grade 5 to use him. To get popular of ALL things. That very afternoon (at aftercare) he asked Tamlin out (ROTFLMAO*) Tamlin proceeded to tell him (very politely) that her parents didn’t like her dating and that she would of course have to ask them. She carried on by telling him that she doesn’t have Mixit. She believed that this would surely put off ‘Dope’. ‘Dope’ continued to subtly (NOT) flirt with Tamlin. He then told her that she HAD to ask her parents. Me, being the annoying Best Friend (which is a role that I have perfected) kept sending subtle hints to him (and I haven’t really talked to him. Skilled right?) much to Tamlin’s dismay(ROTFLMAO! Again). We then went to watch The Biggest Rugby Match Of The Season against W.P. Prep. Who, of all people, was playing right there as Some-Sort-Of-Rugby-Position? ‘Dope’. I think he accidentally scored a try. Tamlin, trying not to be seen, was enjoying herself with me. When by the end of the match*1 ‘Dope’ came over.

(ROTFLMAO!) He kept saying the stupidest things EVER! Well we now have an understanding. Yes, we both hate each other.  Tamlin’s turn to (ROTFLHAO*2). We were walking back to the Aftercare when he pulled this exact line

“You know, I scored that try for you”


I had a good, bring-your-own-bucket session. He is disturbing but I got my pay back (from him calling me and idiot) by saying

“Hey, Tamlin. I get a goodbye hug right?” Hugging me “Good. I know who isn’t though!”

I think this will be a fun term…

*Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Anus Off (see no dodgy-ness).

*1 We lost badly. But it’s okay they’re used to it. Hee hee

*2 Roll On The Floor Laughing Her Anus Off (it still counts right?)

August 7   My Soul Mate

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I have met my soul mate. It all happened yesterday when my uncle arrived with him. Kevin my cousin is the cutest boy EVER! He is very competitive and will cheat at snakes and ladders to win. He also creates new rules to the game and everything. It’s really difficult to keep up. And when you do he’ll go “no that’s not the way it goes”. And he’s VERY persistent. These are all traits passed along through the Hubbard jeans. Although I’m not sure this will work out. 1st) it would be quite a long-distance relationship (seeing as how he lives in Jo-berg) 2nd) He’s 4.

And there is one more thing. This was not fun. Thanks to ‘granny’ Jessica and I had to bath Kevin. Not. Cool.

August 3   The Grump

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The Grump is a monstrous beast. The Grump is quite tallish, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. If you get too close to The Grump while she’s on a rampage you my never live again. To deal with The Grump: First agree with her fully until she wants you to shout back. This will work until she gets into what we call “The Grumpness” which is where if you agree she’s angry and if you don’t she will still be angry. You will not win!

If you come across The Grump while she is: Hungry, Thirsty, Tired and not getting her phone upgrade try to run while you still have a head because if she gets her hands on you she will bite your head off. We don’t know anyone who successfully lived through an attack. They have all either been scarred for life or just scarred…