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I’ve just come back from Zonals/Circuit Trials. Our team’s competition was Hershel and um… SomeotherplacethatIcan’tremeberthenameof.  SomeotherplacethatIcan’tremeberthenameof was our first match. They were kind of difficult but we were of course BETTER! We beat them:

SomeotherplacethatIcan’tremeberthenameof   3 us 11

We got a nice time to eat the chocks that ‘Margaret’ gave us, and the energade.  This was also a very good time for the team to turn against each other. There was a lot of Drama* and Blaming going on which didn’t suit me at all. There were only 4 of them but they were putting everyone down. I’m telling you it was going to affect our gaming.

Then our dreaded match. Hershel. They wore pink and had determination in their eyes. That didn’t scare us (much). We saw their wounded (their Centre) and pounced. Although it was tough we managed (with a lot of Not-Throwing-To-So-In-So-Because-I’m-Fighting-With-Them going on) to get 3-3 by the end of the first half. I had a trouble partner TO BE HONEST! There was a lot of If-I-Could-I-Would-Punch-Your-Face-In from ‘Nandi’ and I because ‘Nandi’ was sulking about only playing half time when ‘Mrs Keller’s’ said to me that I could have these full matches. She sulked so much that in the end I had the captain, ‘Mrs Keller’s’, my whole team, and the other team (them, because they wanted to continue with the other half) pressuring me. I gave it to ‘Nandi’. I wasn’t happy. I didn’t give it to her with a pat on the back and a smile saying “Good Job! Do your Best” I went off sulkily. I had enough of ‘Sandy’ ‘Cathy’ ‘Nina’ and ‘Nandi’ and THEIR sulking and now it was my turn. I had the full right to play the full match. I was playing well, I had learnt all my partner’s strengths and weaknesses and ‘Mrs Keller’s’ had said that I could. So yes I have a tad problem with that. I am also not pleased with my team for their moaning and whining. It just put the team down.

We won the match

Hershel 4

Us 8

Injuries consisted of: Stomach pains, head pains, finger pains, chest pains and pretty much everything else

*I think they keep getting confused. Drama is on Friday’s  Zonals are on Monday.


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  • By Jess on 28 August 2011 at 8:04

    Haha I love the names in inverted comers. I’ll make a deal with you. if i read your blog everytime you post a enrty, you can stop telling me all the stories befor hand.

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