October 28   Emo

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I am profusely pleased with my new title: Emo. Not that I’m Emo in anyway. Emo people are (now please excuse my stereo-typing) very dark. They want to ‘feel’ something so they cut their wrists. They usually wear only black clothes with lots of heavy, dark make-up. There is one person who calls me Emo. I am the epitome of not Emo. I like bright colours although I do wear quite a bit of black. My hair is still totally natural and not died. I don’t have a single piercing on my whole body. My wrists are totally cut-free. I have lots of friends. I feel LOTS of things and will be the first to tell you when I do. So I pretty much cancel out most Emo traits. But I also cancel out other traits.

Geeky, popular, rock ‘n roll, classical, nerd… Those are only a few of the ‘pigeon holes’. My favourite part of being called Emo is it proves that this boy has no idea where to pigeon hole me!

So they can call me absolutely anything!!!!

October 22   Royally

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Last year sometime (close to winter) I was walking in the shops, when I saw a rack of some of the most beautiful looking scarves. I obviously went over (like a moth to a flame) and looked through the selection. They had virtually every colour. I had just got birthday money or something but I knew it was my money. I was about to by the beautiful purple scarf when I noticed a white scarf. I reminded myself that I would most likely want to wear this to school. Purple or white. In the end white won. I could wear it with anything but mainly I could wear it to school, which was very important. The following Monday I wore the scarf to school and was gloating when I was very rudely interrupted by someone telling me that it was lovely, but I would have to take it off soon. BUMMER! I found out later that the reason was that our principal had banned white scarves because so many people wore white scarves with different colours in it (like purple or pink). This sucked! I did wear the scarf though with other outfits and Jessica made me a black scarf (once I paid R25 and bought my own wool but anyway).

The reason I was remembering this story was because our new school uniform is coming in. Lots of children have it. It’s a very preppy school uniform and it reminds me of a boarding school.

The colours: Mustard and blood. (We call it this. Obviously the school try something a little more up beat like Friendly Yellow and Cheery Red). Instead of our less obvious main colour grey, they’re using black.

Girls Old Uniform (Summer): Red and white checked dress.

Girls New Uniform (Summer): Pleated, plaid/tartan skirt (in our south westerly) and un-tucked golf shirt with plaid/ tartan around the collar and sleeves.

Girls Old Uniform (Winter): Grey skirt with tucked in long sleeved shirt with tie/ Grey skirt with short-sleeved shirt with no tie. Long grey socks.

Girls New Uniform (Winter): Pleated, plaid/tartan skirt (in our south westerly) and un-tucked golf shirt with plaid/ tartan around the collar and sleeves. Black stockings.

Boys Old Uniform (Summer/Winter): Grey long trousers/short grey trousers and tucked in shirt.

Boys New Uniform (Summer/ Winter): Long grey pants/short grey pants with un-tucked golf shit with plaid/tartan around the collar and sleeves.

Extras: Jersey (black with tartan around the collar. Loose and not very pretty with the shirt), Beanie (special FHPS school beanie), Scarf, rain jacket.

Sports Uniform: A new black and red unisex sports shirt (which just looks bad on boys. I’m sorry!), with unisex black shorts. Miranda pointed out very well that a 7 year old white boy does not have the same shape butt as a 12 year old black girl

Problems with the new uniform:

They said that the uniforms would be ready in So Many Months. Once that’d past it was Next term, then the next until it finally came out about 6 months AFTER it was said to.

It cost over R1000 to get the whole thing (not including the extras). I am yet to see a parent to buy an extra.

The school skirts are made in an odd fashion. If they fit you around the waist they don’t fit length wise and vice versa.- Someone went to the Echo and complained and the school then hastily replied that they were changing it.

Our skirts won’t stay down in the wind

Our skirts won’t stay down in the wind so they said girls may wear shorts of the appropriate colour under their skirts*

How come we have to buy a whole NEW set when the boys have to buy a shirt and a jersey???

We can’t go to Pep and buy a cheap shirt, we have to go to the ONLY supplier and get the custom-made school shirts…

Unisex sports uniforms- Miranda pointed out very well that a 7-year-old white boy does not have the same shape butt as a 12-year-old black girl.

There’s only one supplier- The board of governor’s shop…  

I think they’ve stuffed this up royally.

*This is what made me think of it. It doesn’t matter it the shorts are hidden. I could have bright neon green shorts. Because I thought that it was of appropriate colour. Or I could wear black shorts with bright hot pink polka dots because the majority is black!!!

I might have offended someone or many people with this blog post so…

In my opinion I say all of the above.

October 17   Bin Envy

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Bin Envy

At the moment soccer is very popular at our school and I am no exception. There are certain areas. There are two ‘full soccer fields’ (that’s two bins on one end as goals and then two on the other side as goals). Then one ‘half bin’ (that’s where there are two bins and that is the only gaol.). We play by the ‘Half Bin’ because we don’t need a whole soccer field.


Yesterday morning I leant my soccer ball to some of the ‘top notch soccer boys’ who didn’t ask any questions. Once Tamlin arrived we both got into the goals and started defending (although we had agreed, the gaolie was making a huge fuss). Tamlin was talking to one of the boys when the soccer ball was so close. “THE TOP NOTCH SOCCER ‘KING’” took the ball and tried to score. If Tamlin was concentrating she wouldn’t get hit in the face. But she wasn’t. Luckily I’m always concentrating. I do this perfect leap so it doesn’t hit Tamlin in the face. I hit it out which is what goalies are supposed to do. Apparently not now. Now that girls (GIRLS) have started being able to black the actual goal it’s just not OK! He banned us and told us to leave. I thought that this was a bit extreme and his only evidence was the fact that  I hit it and then Tamlin hit it. Tamlin was talking about mooning to this one dude. She would’ve been able to block the gaols. WITH HER FACE!! I took my ball (which is what they were playing with incidentally) and went to other gaols.

1st Break:

We were ‘banned’ so I decided that I’d go back to those goals that I was using before. And there ‘Sole’ (one of the top notch soccer boys and top notch pain in the butt!) He was taking one of the bins with him to were they had relocated. This was not okay. I gave him a piece of my mind. (I thought he needed it more then me) and eventually got my bin back. Can you believe it?

2nd Break:

Same thing…I was going to my bin except there was ‘Mr Gangsta’ taking the exact same bin (MY BIN!!!). I went over there* and told him to get over himself and pull his trousers up! Eventually I got my bin back. A minute and a half later he got into a fight. Thank goodness it wasn’t me!

*This took a lot of courage because he was a grade 7 and no one is allowed to stand up to a grade 7!

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I have officially (for the 2nd time) defeated the all so famous Table Mountain! ON Friday I went off on a hike (with 8kgs on my back) and we hiked up the mountain. The trip up was harsh, unforgiving, uphill madness. It took around 5 hours. Once we got there (after many, many stops) we all got our bunks (which isn’t as easy as it sounds. So-In-So wants to be with Whatsername but Whatsername wants to be with Thingymibob and Thingymibob doesn’t like So-In-So. And once you’ve got everyone who likes and dislikes each other on other sides. You then have a choice. Top, Middle or bottom. Then once everyone is settled they all decide to move again. So a tad complicated). I got a middle bunk. Which is exactly what I wanted. Once that traumatic experience was over we started playing Speed. Speed? You ask. Is an addictive and very time consuming game. It’s a BUNCH of fun. We created levels.







Vice President




At the moment I’m Dr. That night we had rice noodles and some mono-flavour tomato and we added for flavour some salami. That was quite nice. We played more speed, sang and played more speed. When we finally got to bed we had to listen to Whatsername, So-In-So and Thingymibob talking about completely weird things! Finally I drifted off and woke up again. This time everyone was quite except for the echoing of me turning. This took a lot of effort and was extremely loud. It was with everyone. I looked around and I just could not find my pillow (when I say pillow I mean my rain jacket stuffed into a pillow case). I was looking when I looked down and saw it. Right on the floor. I would’ve just got down and retrieved it right then and there. But it’s a lot more complicated than that. You have to arrange your self to just drop down because trying to climb stairs while cocooned in you sleeping bag is a very difficult. After you’re positioned you have to get enough guts to drop down (still not waking anyone up.) You then have to shuffle your was to where it is and pick it up. (Still not waking anyone up.) Next you have to throw it on to the bed and the trickiest part is getting back on the bed. You have to NOT WAKE ANYONE UP and in your cocoon get back to sleep. This could also happen a few times. So I left it and just used my arms. BIIIIIIIG MISTAKE!!! This was SOO uncomfortable. I woke up another hundred times. Once I was awake officially I got up and had my brekkie. We played speed and went on one of the most horrible hikes over one of the 12 apostles to a ‘magical’ cave. Although it was beautiful and very cool (as in cold) I wouldn’t go as far as to call it magical. Although the thought that only a selected few have been up there is a help. (We ourselves got lost on the way.). Once we had our snacks there we left to go back. In the end. I was by far in the front because I couldn’t stop. I had only one need. The animal need to get back to the base. It was horrible! We played a game. Then more speed. We ate dinner (which was trually unforgettable) and slept. The next day was pack and leave. And that’s what we did. We hiked down steep steps and in 30*c. That was the worst part it was sooooo hot. Jessica and I were in the front again with another girl and we were singing classic Queen songs like Another One Bites The Dust and We Are The Champions. We got home and all took showers. IT was a good hike (it was nice the first time round aswel.)