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You know how difficult it is to think about yourselves and find your problems.

I am not talking about

“I hate my hair”

“My legs are like think bamboo poles” or whatever

I am talking about personality traits that will be with you forever and make you.

Like with me for example I understand that I am very judgmental. I know that this annoys quite a lot of people especially when I am vocal about my issues.

The thing is I am better off. I know this.

I tried to explain to Tamlin. I told her I was sorry but I was a very judgemental person and that that is the way I am and she mustn’t be offended by every opinion that I voice. And do you know what she says?

“Uh HUH! You don’t say?” She says it like she had had that conclusion the whole time.

But the problem that I have with this is I can deal with everyone saying that I am judgemental but when Tamlin says it, it makes it true and she makes it a bad thing. Like she doesn’t understand how hard it is to come to those conclusions.

Today we were playing soccer for (overly stereo-typical) England Day. I wasn’t even goalie! I was attacker and I would just charge at the person until the forfeit the ball. We played 3 different games so you can imagine my pale skin was BRIGHT RED after the games. Just about everyone thought that for my sake they should mention this fact. Juuuuuust in case I didn’t know already.

I go to Tamlin and say

“Wow I can feel how red my face is!”

And what does she say?

“YA! I don’t think it’s ever been this red!”

Like it wasn’t hard to say that and to be confident in spite of the fact your face resembles a tomato. 

And then guess what? She gets angry with ME!

The way I deal with these situations is by being very honest with the person. I will tell them exactly what I am thinking. I told Tamlin that it didn’t matter what anyone else says its her opinion that matters to me.

She went on to the bus. I wouldn’t say that we’re fighting. But I don’t know anymore.


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The Beginning:

Tamlin had grade one duty. I thought. Shame. At least I get a break.

I go out to break chatting away with a girl that we’ll call Nicole. Nicole is the one who is constantly annoying me because of all her ‘injuries’. I am not a rude person and I certainly wasn’t going to cause an unnecessary fight. She said that she would accompany me in the goals. We were standing ready for the game to begin

The Middle:

I was off in a fantasyland whishing my friends would come. I saw one coming my way so I wasn’t paying attention when Nicole said my name quite urgently and kind of afraid. I looked at her obviously not knowing. I thought she was struggling getting her juice bottle to open. That’s when I saw the first drop of blood. She was crying. Quite loudly. I knew that this wasn’t just a nosebleed. I got her to put her head up slightly and I started walking her towards the sick bay. She was crying heavily and the blood was streaming down her face and she already had a hand full of blood. I had to switch sides because of the wind and I didn’t particularly want any blood on myself. As she started spitting out blood and the think blood came on several occasions I had to swallow my lunch that was rising dangerously close to the surface. Two girls came to ask if there was anything they could do. I told them to get Mrs G and the first aid room ready. They went off. Another girl came but was useless. I was trying to keep Nicole calm with soothing encouraging voices. Saying arbitrary junk about how good she was being. On our way was the bathroom. I thought that this would be a good place to stop quickly. She emptied her hand full’s of blood in to the sink. Because she was crying she was spraying a lot of blood everywhere. INCLUDING MY ARM!!! I washed it off quickly and got her cleaned up… Sort of.

Mrs G came and instructed her to move and what not. I followed obediently.

Luckily another good prefect was in the bathroom. She was so wonderful and managed to get a team working and cleaning the blood. I stayed with Nicole until I had to check on the Bathroom Team. They wanted gloves to wear but we had none. I had to find a plastic bag. I then had to find Mr W for disciplinary.

The End:

Turns out a boy called ‘Call’ chucked an apple, which happened to land square in the middle of Nicole’s face. Just when I thought I was going to get a break. I was asked if I could find ‘call’ and Nicole and get them to Mr W.

I was patient and found ‘call’ he and Nicole sat and waited for Mr W. I stood outside until they were done like a good little girl.

The Aftermath (epilogue):

Apparently Nicole had been:


In a Fight

Had got to hot and that’s why she had a nose bleed

Was over reacting

‘Call’ got a weeks worth of break detentions which lots disagree with and think he should’ve got worse but then again no one can prove it wasn’t an accident.

I learnt that blood CAN make you want to throw up…

(Which I did not by the way).

All in all a wonderful way to spend my 20 minute, only! break.