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So it all started this morning when I arrived at school (after a two day absence with the flu and a full weekend) and I walk by some attractive boys that were my age all in a uniform. I found out that they were a touring hockey and rugby team and that they were playing a rugby match today. (this I found out not by the boys just saying!!).

So we are called down to the hall for an assembly this was strange because we usually have assembly on Tuesday. We went down and some of the boys of the touring team were on the stage with Marimbas and a drum kit. Their teacher told us all about the leader and all the different types that they have. The bass and whatnot. Their first two songs are traditional Zimbabwean marimba pieces. Then he said that we were aloud to dance to the next one and that if you could name the person who sang / composed the song you’d get one of their (THEIR) cds. It wasn’t a song that I personally knew and only one boy in the whole school knew it. But the important part of this is the dancing. I was thinking of standing up not because I can dance in any way shape or form but because I like to stand out. I hear a couple girls behind me uming and arring about standing up. One of the teachers near us goes come on and I stand up doing a couple of should-be-a-crime-my-mom-does-that- moves. I turn to the girls (who had now stood up) and rest of the grade 7 classes and took a bow and sat down. 

In the later songs I did get up and dance but with the safety of Tamlin who can actually dance.

The boys were incredibly talented on the instruments.  And the leader of the group was amazing. Not only did he play all the different instruments he also composed his own piece which they played and converted all the modern pieces that they played into marimbas. THAT IS SO DIFFECULT!!!! The other competition pieces (modern/dance pieces) that they played included Payphone (maroon 5) Starships (POPULAR BEYOND BELIEF! Nikki Manaj) and I Got A Feeling (black eyed peas)

They were truelly fabulous.

Then we welcomed them.

Our drama team does the same greeting to every single flippen visitor that we have. They do a mashup of some of the stupidest songs known to the world (or should I say Cape Town) It went along the lines of

Welcome to Cape Town

Everyone join us

Blah blah blah

And it goes KLOP, KLOP the rhythem that is living

KLOP KLOP the beating of the (something)

It’s a heart that beats in district six

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

(who the heck knows why they started singing about the different months which for the exception of the grade ones and maybe twos who were visiting for the special assembly.

They did a shortened more lively version of the nation anthem and they were done.

Thank goodness! It was thrown together very quickly but they do it ALL THE TIME! We were super embarrassed and they looked super bored. One boy in my class said that it was so bad that they found their nails more interesting at the time. I was embarrassed.

Not as embarrassed as ****

Our netball interhouse netball match (which I am organising for peers) was postponed due to rain (at 10 ‘o clock) and that we should go to our coaches after school.

We were all momentarily excited because it meant that we could go watch the U13 rugby. But we all went to the class and our coaches broke the news. About going down and watching the boys. We were all UBA excited for various reasons. (Some cute boys, some rugby).

We went down and watched the really interesting match (I went for 85% rugby 15% cute boys). The match was difficult for us and unfortunately our boys lost 36-7! As I said earlier I like to stick out and I can’t do that in a crowd so when the whole netball team and other watchers are on the one side I drag Tamlin over to the other side. And to our good/bad luck the touring hockey team/reserve rugby players come and watch next to us. We were fine looking over every now and again. The band (the marimbas and stuff) got out two of the smaller drums and a bass drum and started doing some sick stuff and cheering their team on at the same time. **** When my netball team to my dismay could no longer handle themselves and came over. Those poor boys didn’t see it coming and I hope that those girls didn’t give off too much of the wrong image of our school but they were terrible. Their ‘subtle’ flirty was too much for me to handle and in risk of puking I went to the other side to the people who were actually watching rugby (no netball team members I might add). It was a tough match. And I enjoyed myself. And can I tell you something the our slutty little girls stayed with the band and hockey players but after half time the reserves were next to me and Tamlin so it was an all win situation.

All round it was a good day we did very little work I remade friends and it was a good day.

June 17   Just an opinion

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I was listening to Britain’s top 40 when I came across a male singer that I hadn’t heard I looked at the name and it was Justin Bieber’s new song Boyfriend. I immediately went into I MUST HATE mode. Until I started listening to it and I actually liked it *GASP*. The lyrics were a little degrading to woman (better then his other songs but still not good). I decided to look up the music video and was impressed (if that’s not too strong a word).  He looked much better than he did. He has a darker colour hair that isn’t in a stupid man-bob. I thought that the choice of song was well-played by his agent. The music video was better than I was expecting because it could have been a LOT worse. There were lots of half dressed women though (again degrading) there was bits like with his guitar that was good. They kept his ‘dancing’ to a minimum and then he was with a group, which was better. So well done Justin Bieber you have impressed me. Now, try a song that isn’t about romance (change is good).

Just an opinion.

May 30   Dear Dairy

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I’m sorry that there have been only pathetic little entries lately but it’s because of exams and study and it’s just been a lot of work. This being my first exams EVER!!!

But that’s not what this post is about. I apologise in advance for the sappy-ness that follows.

There is this boy. He’s tall, blonde, got that sun-kissed Californian look, very funny, very intelligent and very sporty. I’d met him one Friday gym and he made me laugh a lot and he danced on the beam-very funny and very sporty. He was home schooled but his home was literally a zebra crossing away from my school. A year  later guess who was in Gr 6B. We didn’t really cross paths I stopped looking or caring. Until *DUM DUM DAAAA* We all got to GRADE 7 and guess who was in my class. I was in denial about which class I was in and had Tamlin (friend wise) and that was in. I thought I was in the stupid class and that my amazing teacher from last year had put me in this class and that I wasn’t going to like anyone here and I was determined to be sad. Most of that is true but I did make some friends like this guy and his best friend. Anyway we became friends mostly because he is really smart and funny. I was in denial again when Tamlin (someone who knows me extremely well) says that no matter what I’ve been saying I do like this guy. So I said no for a while then I was smitten. A lot of people were saying that he liked me but I don’t listen to them because they only THINK he likes me. So I went on laady daa. I’d I had been thinking I could always ask him out. He doesn’t have to be the one to ask me out. It doesn’t really matter. So with that thought in my mind his best friend was all he LIIIKES YOU-I think- you should ask HIM out he’s just shy that’s all. Now his best friend is great so I figure what’s the harm. The best friend was going to ask out the girl he liked so no harm done. So the next (and only break) I was walking with him and I asked. Waaaaaay too quickly. And to be honest stupidly. He was very shocked and said “What? No! Uh, I’ll get back to you”. Not exactly a confidence booster. So he didn’t speak to me for the whole weekend or most of Monday and I’d figured our friendship was mightily ruined and that we were going to ignore each other. But he came over ever so nicely and said “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry but no.”

Me being blonde asked why? (Not “WHY HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME WHY!!!!” but what do you mean sorry no. Remember I thought we were ignoring it and each other at all costs.) He said about going out and I told him I thought we were ignoring it and he seems genuinely glad that we were. So for the next of my Tech lesson all I got was people glaring at me from the table that he was sitting at with his best friend and my favourite little girl (the best friends girlfriend). Until I am called over. I come over and everyone is speaking at once. The cousin is very sweet and tells me that if she were me that she would just walk away so I do. They call me back and try one at a time. I am told not to listen to the boy and then I’m told that “The boy hasn’t made up his mind yet…” and to his honour he goes “Yes. I . Have.”-then addressing me. “I’m sorry but it is a no.”. This unfortunately made me like him more but whatever. And to end this happy story I can safely say our relationship was never the same and that as a retard he thinks it’s “Awkward”. Right…

April 25   Trials

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It went wll for a long time and I made it through to the third round when I played giants that I thought were 16 let alone 12 turning 13.

I played hard but they really needed tall(er) goalkeepers. But I loved what I’ve learnt.

I even got to stand up in assembly!!! 😉

April 16   My Amazing Race

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This was the theme to my birthday party this year. When Jessica had her party when she was 12 I was inspired to have mine as soon as possible. So on Saturday after it was postponed because of the moon being in the wrong place the turn out was a little sad with it being 7 people to come and 20 invited… Even Tamlin couldn’t come! L

This blog post will be too long if I tell you everything that we did but I’ll tell you about my favourites. We built kites instead of making sandcastles. We walked to Just Nuisance and did a couple of activities there. We walked to quite a few places and did 10 RaodBlocks. We finished on a submarine and it was very close but we came second which if you know me is DEVISTATING!!! But we went back to the hall and we ate the most delicious foods from all over the world, which were all made by Miranda except for South Africa, which was KoekSisters but everything else. Like the pizza from Italy, Jam Tarts from England, Spring Rolls from Hong Kong, Sushi (made by Jessica and eaten all by Luke) from Japan, Quiche from France, mini hamburgers from USA, samusas from India, Nachos from Mexico and I’m sure I’m missing a few. From the people that came I got

Money (The number will be left to the imagination but a clue is that three people gave money and not shocker is that two of them were boys DUH)

Two chocolate

Bath Salts

Two bath cream things

Slippers that unfortunately don’t fit

The cake was Miranda’s first circular cake with it being vanilla with chocolate fudge sauce to bind with the most amazing icing and she made Tamsyn’s Purple Planet and I was on top doing a handstand

Everyone together now AWWWW!!!

This has now concluded my birthday there is no more opportunity to milk it but there’s still next year ; )

Just thought everyone should now that I tried my best at trails fell on my knees (which now look like a war scene) but did infact make it through to the next round! YAY!

April 11   Back to school

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Today I am going back to school after my two week Easter holiday. I thought that the holiday could’ve been one week long and seeing as on the second to last day it was Easter it wasn’t really and EASTER holiday. My first day was quite a success there really wasn’t much to report. It was average we had prefect photos and normal soccer breaks. There was a lovely little success of that day though. And by ‘little’ I mean HUGELY AWESOME success of that day. Out of all my netball team (which is at least enough to make a C team) I was chosen to go to WP trails. Another girl was chosen aswel but that’s it. Just us two!

YAY!!! Seeing as my first netball practise went well and left me a stiff piece of useless I am nervous and excited. I should have my WP trails by Tuesday latest.

The week so far has been going really well and I hope the term will work out aswel.

The trails are on Friday so wish me luck!

April 8   Captains Log

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We’ve been walking for days now. There seems to be no end in site. I was starting to loose faith and I was afraid we were going t turn against each other.

But then I saw it. The luminescent sign was bright compared to the other mall advertisements. It read:

Long Beach Pet Shop

I knew we were all excited. All of us except for Andrew. He didn’t say it but you could see it in his eyes. He wanted out. Didn’t want the responsibility. But it was too late for that. We’d come too far. Gone through too much. We walked to the back of the shop and stared. They were big, small. So many different shapes and sizes. It was the moment of truth. It took us long. Maybe too long. People came and went choosing theirs. We stood and contemplated until finally we decided on four.

Yes four. It was slow motion as the man came to take them out for us. We bought some extras to make them feel at home. Was I becoming weak in front of the team, who knows? All I knew is that my life would never be the same… How could it be the same? Aliens were entering our home base becoming one of us. It was strangely exciting. On the way home we were silent but not for long we were bursting with ideas. We were going to name them. Maybe I was becoming a softy. I knew naming them would make me become attached  and yet we named them anyway. Willow the elegant one, Ebony the one with the ‘afro’, Opal the big one and Topaz the one that was freakin’ out.

I got fish. Proper goldfish. Ebony is back (NO?), Willow was so chilled and very elegant and the shape of  a willow leaf (REALLY?), Opal was the biggest and opal coloured (SHOCKER!) and Topaz is topaz coloured (MINDBLOWING).

In the time it has taken me to write and post this bogpost two o my fish have died and all four have been ill. At first Willow was resting at the bottom of the tank and only coming up to eat. I woke up after two days of this and Willow was dead. Opal was showing the same symptoms so we spent whole day researching goldfish diseases. Apparently goldfish can live up to 20 years and goldfish hardly ever get sick (Ya right tell that to Willow, Opal, Topaz and Ebony). Nothing, We established that they had clamped fins but that was it. So we went to the Aquarium Shop  where the man was extremely helpful. He told us that it was because we hadn’t got our filter working and we never soaked the gravel in the aquarium. So he gave us medicine and a filter. We got everything sorted and put them into a very very clean tank. They were looking good but then Topaz   got these strange red markings all over her body and we noticed Ebony started showing signs of Ick. We went back to the Aquarium Shop and again the guy was amazing. He told us something about Ammonia we got some aquarium salt and more medicine. They all had Ick by the time we got back. We gave them the medicine and they were looking better. But unfortunately Opal didn’t make it. We ow have two little graves outside our house.

March 9   Tomato

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You know how difficult it is to think about yourselves and find your problems.

I am not talking about

“I hate my hair”

“My legs are like think bamboo poles” or whatever

I am talking about personality traits that will be with you forever and make you.

Like with me for example I understand that I am very judgmental. I know that this annoys quite a lot of people especially when I am vocal about my issues.

The thing is I am better off. I know this.

I tried to explain to Tamlin. I told her I was sorry but I was a very judgemental person and that that is the way I am and she mustn’t be offended by every opinion that I voice. And do you know what she says?

“Uh HUH! You don’t say?” She says it like she had had that conclusion the whole time.

But the problem that I have with this is I can deal with everyone saying that I am judgemental but when Tamlin says it, it makes it true and she makes it a bad thing. Like she doesn’t understand how hard it is to come to those conclusions.

Today we were playing soccer for (overly stereo-typical) England Day. I wasn’t even goalie! I was attacker and I would just charge at the person until the forfeit the ball. We played 3 different games so you can imagine my pale skin was BRIGHT RED after the games. Just about everyone thought that for my sake they should mention this fact. Juuuuuust in case I didn’t know already.

I go to Tamlin and say

“Wow I can feel how red my face is!”

And what does she say?

“YA! I don’t think it’s ever been this red!”

Like it wasn’t hard to say that and to be confident in spite of the fact your face resembles a tomato. 

And then guess what? She gets angry with ME!

The way I deal with these situations is by being very honest with the person. I will tell them exactly what I am thinking. I told Tamlin that it didn’t matter what anyone else says its her opinion that matters to me.

She went on to the bus. I wouldn’t say that we’re fighting. But I don’t know anymore.


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The Beginning:

Tamlin had grade one duty. I thought. Shame. At least I get a break.

I go out to break chatting away with a girl that we’ll call Nicole. Nicole is the one who is constantly annoying me because of all her ‘injuries’. I am not a rude person and I certainly wasn’t going to cause an unnecessary fight. She said that she would accompany me in the goals. We were standing ready for the game to begin

The Middle:

I was off in a fantasyland whishing my friends would come. I saw one coming my way so I wasn’t paying attention when Nicole said my name quite urgently and kind of afraid. I looked at her obviously not knowing. I thought she was struggling getting her juice bottle to open. That’s when I saw the first drop of blood. She was crying. Quite loudly. I knew that this wasn’t just a nosebleed. I got her to put her head up slightly and I started walking her towards the sick bay. She was crying heavily and the blood was streaming down her face and she already had a hand full of blood. I had to switch sides because of the wind and I didn’t particularly want any blood on myself. As she started spitting out blood and the think blood came on several occasions I had to swallow my lunch that was rising dangerously close to the surface. Two girls came to ask if there was anything they could do. I told them to get Mrs G and the first aid room ready. They went off. Another girl came but was useless. I was trying to keep Nicole calm with soothing encouraging voices. Saying arbitrary junk about how good she was being. On our way was the bathroom. I thought that this would be a good place to stop quickly. She emptied her hand full’s of blood in to the sink. Because she was crying she was spraying a lot of blood everywhere. INCLUDING MY ARM!!! I washed it off quickly and got her cleaned up… Sort of.

Mrs G came and instructed her to move and what not. I followed obediently.

Luckily another good prefect was in the bathroom. She was so wonderful and managed to get a team working and cleaning the blood. I stayed with Nicole until I had to check on the Bathroom Team. They wanted gloves to wear but we had none. I had to find a plastic bag. I then had to find Mr W for disciplinary.

The End:

Turns out a boy called ‘Call’ chucked an apple, which happened to land square in the middle of Nicole’s face. Just when I thought I was going to get a break. I was asked if I could find ‘call’ and Nicole and get them to Mr W.

I was patient and found ‘call’ he and Nicole sat and waited for Mr W. I stood outside until they were done like a good little girl.

The Aftermath (epilogue):

Apparently Nicole had been:


In a Fight

Had got to hot and that’s why she had a nose bleed

Was over reacting

‘Call’ got a weeks worth of break detentions which lots disagree with and think he should’ve got worse but then again no one can prove it wasn’t an accident.

I learnt that blood CAN make you want to throw up…

(Which I did not by the way).

All in all a wonderful way to spend my 20 minute, only! break.

February 29   Stupid? NEVER!

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Today I got to school later than usual at quarter to eight. I thought “Hey! I have time to see my friends before I have to go line up grade 1s!”

I go round to the field sure enough there everyone is.

Not two minutes in I here.

“HEY!! DID YOU SEE THAT”-unknown voice

Maybe it’s a trait that you learn when you become a prefect but you here this sort of thing and it always ALWAYS leads you to trouble.

I check where the voice is coming from and see where all the whispers are directed. I go towards the scene and see that there are prefects there (doing nothing by the way) I here from voices that someone knocked down a beehive and THEN got younger children to throw stones at it with him.

Before I even get to the scene I see the bees and literally turn around, go straight against the crowd. I use my amazing ability to walk REALLY REALLY fast without actually running. I get to the staff room and ask for Mrs CF. I explained that if I didn’t think it was necessary for her to come then I wouldn’t have asked but that there are plenty of children who are allergic and that children were being foolish and could easily stung. Mrs CF jogged while I kept pace with my ‘freak walking’. We got there and she did what the prefects couldn’t. Kept the children out of harms way.

I found out that the idiot who knocked over the bee hive was a grade 7!!! But wait it gets worse. He took his tennis racket and that he hit it off the tree and got grade 4s to throw stones at the bees. I don’t know if anything in his brain started sending off signals like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!” “STOP NOW QUICKLY BEFORE SOMEONE GETS HURT!!!!”.

I feel I did the right thing seeing as the prefects obviously did not have it under control.

Just while I’m ranting. This one prefect that I have never liked but have tried so sooooo patiently to try and get along with who is also a huge attention seeking hyprecondriact goes practically through the bees to tell me how stupid she thinks this boy is for knocking the beehive down because of people like her who are ‘allergic to bees’.

Hey, I’m not saying she isn’t. But I’m also saying that I don’t care because this is also the girl who believes that she doesn’t have to bring an asthma pump even though she ‘suffers terribly’ from asthma. So one day I’m going to save her life with my pump you know.

But I am not worried the rest of the day was pretty good I guess.