April 16   My Amazing Race

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This was the theme to my birthday party this year. When Jessica had her party when she was 12 I was inspired to have mine as soon as possible. So on Saturday after it was postponed because of the moon being in the wrong place the turn out was a little sad with it being 7 people to come and 20 invited… Even Tamlin couldn’t come! L

This blog post will be too long if I tell you everything that we did but I’ll tell you about my favourites. We built kites instead of making sandcastles. We walked to Just Nuisance and did a couple of activities there. We walked to quite a few places and did 10 RaodBlocks. We finished on a submarine and it was very close but we came second which if you know me is DEVISTATING!!! But we went back to the hall and we ate the most delicious foods from all over the world, which were all made by Miranda except for South Africa, which was KoekSisters but everything else. Like the pizza from Italy, Jam Tarts from England, Spring Rolls from Hong Kong, Sushi (made by Jessica and eaten all by Luke) from Japan, Quiche from France, mini hamburgers from USA, samusas from India, Nachos from Mexico and I’m sure I’m missing a few. From the people that came I got

Money (The number will be left to the imagination but a clue is that three people gave money and not shocker is that two of them were boys DUH)

Two chocolate

Bath Salts

Two bath cream things

Slippers that unfortunately don’t fit

The cake was Miranda’s first circular cake with it being vanilla with chocolate fudge sauce to bind with the most amazing icing and she made Tamsyn’s Purple Planet and I was on top doing a handstand

Everyone together now AWWWW!!!

This has now concluded my birthday there is no more opportunity to milk it but there’s still next year ; )

Just thought everyone should now that I tried my best at trails fell on my knees (which now look like a war scene) but did infact make it through to the next round! YAY!


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