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I was listening to Britain’s top 40 when I came across a male singer that I hadn’t heard I looked at the name and it was Justin Bieber’s new song Boyfriend. I immediately went into I MUST HATE mode. Until I started listening to it and I actually liked it *GASP*. The lyrics were a little degrading to woman (better then his other songs but still not good). I decided to look up the music video and was impressed (if that’s not too strong a word).  He looked much better than he did. He has a darker colour hair that isn’t in a stupid man-bob. I thought that the choice of song was well-played by his agent. The music video was better than I was expecting because it could have been a LOT worse. There were lots of half dressed women though (again degrading) there was bits like with his guitar that was good. They kept his ‘dancing’ to a minimum and then he was with a group, which was better. So well done Justin Bieber you have impressed me. Now, try a song that isn’t about romance (change is good).

Just an opinion.


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