February 29   Stupid? NEVER!

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Today I got to school later than usual at quarter to eight. I thought “Hey! I have time to see my friends before I have to go line up grade 1s!”

I go round to the field sure enough there everyone is.

Not two minutes in I here.

“HEY!! DID YOU SEE THAT”-unknown voice

Maybe it’s a trait that you learn when you become a prefect but you here this sort of thing and it always ALWAYS leads you to trouble.

I check where the voice is coming from and see where all the whispers are directed. I go towards the scene and see that there are prefects there (doing nothing by the way) I here from voices that someone knocked down a beehive and THEN got younger children to throw stones at it with him.

Before I even get to the scene I see the bees and literally turn around, go straight against the crowd. I use my amazing ability to walk REALLY REALLY fast without actually running. I get to the staff room and ask for Mrs CF. I explained that if I didn’t think it was necessary for her to come then I wouldn’t have asked but that there are plenty of children who are allergic and that children were being foolish and could easily stung. Mrs CF jogged while I kept pace with my ‘freak walking’. We got there and she did what the prefects couldn’t. Kept the children out of harms way.

I found out that the idiot who knocked over the bee hive was a grade 7!!! But wait it gets worse. He took his tennis racket and that he hit it off the tree and got grade 4s to throw stones at the bees. I don’t know if anything in his brain started sending off signals like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!” “STOP NOW QUICKLY BEFORE SOMEONE GETS HURT!!!!”.

I feel I did the right thing seeing as the prefects obviously did not have it under control.

Just while I’m ranting. This one prefect that I have never liked but have tried so sooooo patiently to try and get along with who is also a huge attention seeking hyprecondriact goes practically through the bees to tell me how stupid she thinks this boy is for knocking the beehive down because of people like her who are ‘allergic to bees’.

Hey, I’m not saying she isn’t. But I’m also saying that I don’t care because this is also the girl who believes that she doesn’t have to bring an asthma pump even though she ‘suffers terribly’ from asthma. So one day I’m going to save her life with my pump you know.

But I am not worried the rest of the day was pretty good I guess.


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