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So it all started this morning when I arrived at school (after a two day absence with the flu and a full weekend) and I walk by some attractive boys that were my age all in a uniform. I found out that they were a touring hockey and rugby team and that they were playing a rugby match today. (this I found out not by the boys just saying!!).

So we are called down to the hall for an assembly this was strange because we usually have assembly on Tuesday. We went down and some of the boys of the touring team were on the stage with Marimbas and a drum kit. Their teacher told us all about the leader and all the different types that they have. The bass and whatnot. Their first two songs are traditional Zimbabwean marimba pieces. Then he said that we were aloud to dance to the next one and that if you could name the person who sang / composed the song you’d get one of their (THEIR) cds. It wasn’t a song that I personally knew and only one boy in the whole school knew it. But the important part of this is the dancing. I was thinking of standing up not because I can dance in any way shape or form but because I like to stand out. I hear a couple girls behind me uming and arring about standing up. One of the teachers near us goes come on and I stand up doing a couple of should-be-a-crime-my-mom-does-that- moves. I turn to the girls (who had now stood up) and rest of the grade 7 classes and took a bow and sat down. 

In the later songs I did get up and dance but with the safety of Tamlin who can actually dance.

The boys were incredibly talented on the instruments.  And the leader of the group was amazing. Not only did he play all the different instruments he also composed his own piece which they played and converted all the modern pieces that they played into marimbas. THAT IS SO DIFFECULT!!!! The other competition pieces (modern/dance pieces) that they played included Payphone (maroon 5) Starships (POPULAR BEYOND BELIEF! Nikki Manaj) and I Got A Feeling (black eyed peas)

They were truelly fabulous.

Then we welcomed them.

Our drama team does the same greeting to every single flippen visitor that we have. They do a mashup of some of the stupidest songs known to the world (or should I say Cape Town) It went along the lines of

Welcome to Cape Town

Everyone join us

Blah blah blah

And it goes KLOP, KLOP the rhythem that is living

KLOP KLOP the beating of the (something)

It’s a heart that beats in district six

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

(who the heck knows why they started singing about the different months which for the exception of the grade ones and maybe twos who were visiting for the special assembly.

They did a shortened more lively version of the nation anthem and they were done.

Thank goodness! It was thrown together very quickly but they do it ALL THE TIME! We were super embarrassed and they looked super bored. One boy in my class said that it was so bad that they found their nails more interesting at the time. I was embarrassed.

Not as embarrassed as ****

Our netball interhouse netball match (which I am organising for peers) was postponed due to rain (at 10 ‘o clock) and that we should go to our coaches after school.

We were all momentarily excited because it meant that we could go watch the U13 rugby. But we all went to the class and our coaches broke the news. About going down and watching the boys. We were all UBA excited for various reasons. (Some cute boys, some rugby).

We went down and watched the really interesting match (I went for 85% rugby 15% cute boys). The match was difficult for us and unfortunately our boys lost 36-7! As I said earlier I like to stick out and I can’t do that in a crowd so when the whole netball team and other watchers are on the one side I drag Tamlin over to the other side. And to our good/bad luck the touring hockey team/reserve rugby players come and watch next to us. We were fine looking over every now and again. The band (the marimbas and stuff) got out two of the smaller drums and a bass drum and started doing some sick stuff and cheering their team on at the same time. **** When my netball team to my dismay could no longer handle themselves and came over. Those poor boys didn’t see it coming and I hope that those girls didn’t give off too much of the wrong image of our school but they were terrible. Their ‘subtle’ flirty was too much for me to handle and in risk of puking I went to the other side to the people who were actually watching rugby (no netball team members I might add). It was a tough match. And I enjoyed myself. And can I tell you something the our slutty little girls stayed with the band and hockey players but after half time the reserves were next to me and Tamlin so it was an all win situation.

All round it was a good day we did very little work I remade friends and it was a good day.


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