May 30   Dear Dairy

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I’m sorry that there have been only pathetic little entries lately but it’s because of exams and study and it’s just been a lot of work. This being my first exams EVER!!!

But that’s not what this post is about. I apologise in advance for the sappy-ness that follows.

There is this boy. He’s tall, blonde, got that sun-kissed Californian look, very funny, very intelligent and very sporty. I’d met him one Friday gym and he made me laugh a lot and he danced on the beam-very funny and very sporty. He was home schooled but his home was literally a zebra crossing away from my school. A year  later guess who was in Gr 6B. We didn’t really cross paths I stopped looking or caring. Until *DUM DUM DAAAA* We all got to GRADE 7 and guess who was in my class. I was in denial about which class I was in and had Tamlin (friend wise) and that was in. I thought I was in the stupid class and that my amazing teacher from last year had put me in this class and that I wasn’t going to like anyone here and I was determined to be sad. Most of that is true but I did make some friends like this guy and his best friend. Anyway we became friends mostly because he is really smart and funny. I was in denial again when Tamlin (someone who knows me extremely well) says that no matter what I’ve been saying I do like this guy. So I said no for a while then I was smitten. A lot of people were saying that he liked me but I don’t listen to them because they only THINK he likes me. So I went on laady daa. I’d I had been thinking I could always ask him out. He doesn’t have to be the one to ask me out. It doesn’t really matter. So with that thought in my mind his best friend was all he LIIIKES YOU-I think- you should ask HIM out he’s just shy that’s all. Now his best friend is great so I figure what’s the harm. The best friend was going to ask out the girl he liked so no harm done. So the next (and only break) I was walking with him and I asked. Waaaaaay too quickly. And to be honest stupidly. He was very shocked and said “What? No! Uh, I’ll get back to you”. Not exactly a confidence booster. So he didn’t speak to me for the whole weekend or most of Monday and I’d figured our friendship was mightily ruined and that we were going to ignore each other. But he came over ever so nicely and said “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry but no.”

Me being blonde asked why? (Not “WHY HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME WHY!!!!” but what do you mean sorry no. Remember I thought we were ignoring it and each other at all costs.) He said about going out and I told him I thought we were ignoring it and he seems genuinely glad that we were. So for the next of my Tech lesson all I got was people glaring at me from the table that he was sitting at with his best friend and my favourite little girl (the best friends girlfriend). Until I am called over. I come over and everyone is speaking at once. The cousin is very sweet and tells me that if she were me that she would just walk away so I do. They call me back and try one at a time. I am told not to listen to the boy and then I’m told that “The boy hasn’t made up his mind yet…” and to his honour he goes “Yes. I . Have.”-then addressing me. “I’m sorry but it is a no.”. This unfortunately made me like him more but whatever. And to end this happy story I can safely say our relationship was never the same and that as a retard he thinks it’s “Awkward”. Right…


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