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Well today we had P.T. and English, we had maths in the morning and…uh… OH YA we’re all going to die tomorrow. Okay Joking! Only the people who live in Fish Hoek.  Apparently there is a huge storm coming (well that’s not a lie seeing as I’m sitting here looking out the window as it’s bombarded with raindrops) and there will be the strongest winds that have ever been recorded in the Fish Hoek valley tomorrow as well as a giant wave 40 ft/10 m high (worse than Japan) all happening tomorrow. One particularly blonde girl told us (very urgently) that we must lock all our doors and windows because the winds might blow some of the papers in our house around. Yes, THAT’S why we’d lock our doors and windows. Nothing to do with all the water…

In my opinion* it’s a bunch of boohacky. Why JUST our valley? Where is this news coming from? I’ll believe it when the head of our national weather council*2 tell us that it’s true.

‘Slightly’ blonde girl who got her info from the attention seeker. Who got the info from her father. vs.  National Weather Council

Hmmmmm… This is a tough one!

So If  I suddenly stop posting for more than a week I’ve probably just forgotten and not drowned to death. Have a lovely night.  :-)

*Oh dear…

*2 I do hope there is one of those

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  • By wrm on 19 August 2011 at 8:04

    *Giant wave* @ Tamsyn! Helloooo!

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