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Back in grade 5 I went past a boy who is very anti-social and quite nerdy. He was reading a book. I don’t know why but it caught my eye. I rudely interrupted him by standing by his desk reading the back. I apologized and finished quickly. It got me thinking and I started writing Survival Camp*. I am not much of a reader myself and at that time the only books I had read were the Princess Diaries series (1-10). Which is a cute story but nothing for an aspiring writer. Mom was still trying very hard to get me to read ANYTHING so she brought home 3 books. One of them was the book that inspired me to write only with the back of its cover. The name of the book was Hunger Games.  I didn’t really care about the other books and went in instantly. I was in love with it. I really didn’t want to read it at school because some of the bits made me cry except I couldn’t resist and took it to school the day Rue dies. (Still really sad.). This sucked because I couldn’t cry at school, which was very SUCKISH! I read it and was in love with Suzanne Collins (the author). I read and the page after the last page said: “Are you ready for more? Book 2 coming soon.”

I couldn’t believe it. Well I could. Although I didn’t have to wait that long for the second book it was still a very long wait. When it did come out that was the book I got straight away. I read that book it was called Catching Fire-Hunger Games. It all made so much sense and then BOOK 3!!!!! YAAAY!!! More! This one I had to wait a little longer than the last one. I waited very patiently (ya I know that doesn’t sound like me. Well that’s probably because every single day I asked if it’d come out yet). Once I’d read the third book I was complete and I could read a lot more. Like Pratchett, Emily The Strange and a lot more. I read this again after my books had gone through mom, Jessica, all Jessica’s friends. I then lent it to Tamlin when the greatest news came to my ears. THERE WAS GOING TO BE A MOVIE!!! This movie (being very VERY closely monitored by me) was going to come out on 23 March 2012 (notice that the date is sooooooo meant to be). Once Tamlin was completely addicted I started reading them again. I have read the first one but I can’t continue because Jessica has lost it. The search has started so it’s okay. I honestly can’t wait for this movie to come out and if they screw it up I will hunt them down and make them redo it!

*After it being changed as I wrote, read and learnt more this is what the story was about.

Survival Camp was a kind of orphanage created by the government to keep the country a first world country. When the child has no relatives or anybody to go to once all the family has died they are sent to Survival Camp. Here they are forced to fight as teams. There are two teams and those teams have wars where there are any rules as long as it doesn’t mean joining the other team. They do this every day and once you turn 18 you may leave and you can then take out a relative. Two sisters are sent to the Survival Camp. There the youngest child meets a child from the other team and they end up over throwing the whole concept.


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