August 17   Um… SUUUURE

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Permission to be confused! I was working my butt off at Netball yesterday without Tamlin ‘cos she had a dentist appointment (which got cancelled. grr ). I had felt really bad and my chest was tight so I didn’t play in the U12 vs. U11 (which we lost. Sound stupid seeing as we’re literally the unbeatable team. More of that later). I come out after being poked in the chest (not cool when your chest is so tight) and who is standing there oh-so-cool *‘Alfie’. He then subtly shouts in his loudest stage whisper YES THAT IS Tamsyn to some strange boy in grade 7. So I went over and asked what his problem was when he explained that he knew my secret. (I was truly confused. What secret?). Turns out it was the secret that ‘Dean. A’ had asked me out and that I had said yes. Well that was news to me. I was quite intrigued although totally disgusted. He then shouted that out a few times until I told him that he should go suck on something and walked home. I’m going to school now and I can’t wait to ask ‘Dean. A’ where the HECK this came from… 

*all names are changed for the blog. Cos who would seriously name their child Alfie!?!?!


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