August 11   Oh BOY!

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I am having so much fun at school at the moment. I usually have fun at school but I’m now having EXTRA fun. There is a child who (for the sake of the blog) will be named ‘Dope’.  Tamlin has always had a suspicion that a boy, ‘Dope’, liked her. (When I say suspicion I mean: YOU-WOULD-HAVE-TO-BE-COMPLETELY-DENSE-NOT-TO-REALISE). Although Tamlin has no interest in him at all. She really thinks he’s kind of creepy. He’s a chubby, dark haired (he once looked like a ‘skunk’ when he died the top of his hair BLONE!) boy that’s in grade 5 (but he’s supposed to be in grade 6). Tamlin and ‘Dope’ go to aftercare together. ‘Dope’ asked out a (very popular) grade 6 ‘Kindle’ but she said no. He was ‘heart-broken’-Quote (from him). He then asked out another girl, ‘Rose-Mary’. She said yes and they had a lovely 2minute relationship. He then broke up with her. His excuse was that she was ‘using him’-Quote (from him AGAIN) to become popular. Question: Why the HECK would anyone (even ‘Rose-Mary’) date a grade 5 to use him. To get popular of ALL things. That very afternoon (at aftercare) he asked Tamlin out (ROTFLMAO*) Tamlin proceeded to tell him (very politely) that her parents didn’t like her dating and that she would of course have to ask them. She carried on by telling him that she doesn’t have Mixit. She believed that this would surely put off ‘Dope’. ‘Dope’ continued to subtly (NOT) flirt with Tamlin. He then told her that she HAD to ask her parents. Me, being the annoying Best Friend (which is a role that I have perfected) kept sending subtle hints to him (and I haven’t really talked to him. Skilled right?) much to Tamlin’s dismay(ROTFLMAO! Again). We then went to watch The Biggest Rugby Match Of The Season against W.P. Prep. Who, of all people, was playing right there as Some-Sort-Of-Rugby-Position? ‘Dope’. I think he accidentally scored a try. Tamlin, trying not to be seen, was enjoying herself with me. When by the end of the match*1 ‘Dope’ came over.

(ROTFLMAO!) He kept saying the stupidest things EVER! Well we now have an understanding. Yes, we both hate each other.  Tamlin’s turn to (ROTFLHAO*2). We were walking back to the Aftercare when he pulled this exact line

“You know, I scored that try for you”


I had a good, bring-your-own-bucket session. He is disturbing but I got my pay back (from him calling me and idiot) by saying

“Hey, Tamlin. I get a goodbye hug right?” Hugging me “Good. I know who isn’t though!”

I think this will be a fun term…

*Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Anus Off (see no dodgy-ness).

*1 We lost badly. But it’s okay they’re used to it. Hee hee

*2 Roll On The Floor Laughing Her Anus Off (it still counts right?)


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