February 29   Survival Is Key

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The Ruler has never made a live presentation ever. He has always pre-prepared his speeches and then records it. Always the same. There is a picture of our flag but never his face. Us commoners shouldn’t be trusted with the knowledge of his facial features. We usually here his voice over the radio so it wouldn’t matter anyway. But it makes it all suspicious. The voice is always the same and sometimes I wonder if it’s really him. But you get disposed of if you think like that.

Sky and I have caught the bus as usual. Not many of the children can afford someone to take them to school. Our school uniform is the same as everyone else’s in the whole continent. Grey skirt and white blouse. The only problem is that by the time it’s handed down to the next child the shirt is more grey and the skirt is black from dirt. At school we learn Mathematics, English, French, Spanish, History and Life Sciences. History always causes a row in our house because apparently it’s completely incorrect. They only teach us about wars and how bad the past was. It’s a futile attempt to make us believe that now is better than then. Which couldn’t be true because people die everyday, all hours of the day. Life Science is supposed to teach us all about what we’ll need to know when we leave school. This subject is a complete joke to me. They teach us how to handle a baby, cook and work a job at the same time. They’ve taught us how to clean a whole house in an hour and a half. It’s aggravating. It’s like all we’re good for is babies, cleaning the house and cooking. It’s pathetic that they would believe that I am going to sit back and live a stupid life at home. I’m going to go out and make a difference in the world.

In Life Science we were all asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. My answer, written in black ink was


My parents received numerous letters. It was a bit traumatic them. But I am not going to sit back while people die in un-noble ways. Not only is it sad, traumatic and mean but it’s wrong. When I grow up I’m going to make a difference…

February 27   I’m still alive!

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Don’t worry I’m still living! The only reason that I haven’t really put anything on my blog is because I have realised that bogs aren’t really for posting about your day. Unless something funny or stupid happened. I feel the only things that should go on my blog is something that I feel really strongly about, my book, cute internet things like DBPB and Attack Of The Cute. So just letting you know that everything is good. And the next blog post is going to be book.

I am on Pg 10! YAY!

February 17   I’m baaaaack!

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Hello all. I am back from my 3-day school camp at The Christian Centre in Stellenbosch.  It was the EPICIST!!!!!!! (That is now a new word meaning Extraordinarily Epic-(Epic-Ist). ). The first day we got driven up in busses and then got into dorms. I got a cool dorm because we were 5 instead of 4 people so we also got our own bathroom including our very own SHOWER!! We also got put into groups. I wasn’t in Tamlin’s group which…yes…sucked buuuuut I was with some really awesome people that were my friends. Our first activity was building a raft.

So close to Kontiki I was ecstatic. Except they sucked. They did the stupid type of ‘lashing’ ever. What was THAT about? I wanted to take the leader push him into the lake and then teach them all square lashing. You will be pleased to know that I did not do that and I also bit my tongue. Guess what I found out later. We were the ONLY team that did the actually building of the raft. Instead they just did the races. Sucky right? We did a couple of other activities and had dinner. After dinner we went on this night hike, which was COLD!! Tamlin didn’t bring a jersey so, the best friend that I am, I lent my lovely jersey to her. By the way I told her to bring a jersey but nooooo. This boy that is friends with some of my guy friends comes up to me and hugs me and says “I’m cold”. I was so awkward. I was like Ah huh that’s nice. He sat in front of me at breakfast and tried to play footsie with me under the table. His mistake because I was wearing my 4X4 shoes and stood promptly on his foot. I don’t think I saw that much of him after that. :D. At 10:15 we were told to go to sleep. At 10: 18 I was asleep and didn’t care whomever was talking in my dorm.

Day 2 was the best. It was non-stop activities which tested our leading, listening and trust skills. There were lots of blind folding activities which, if I may say so myself, I ROCKED AT. As long as I was the one giving the instruction. One of my favourite activities of day two was when  we had to fill a tube (a tube with lots of HOLES) with water to get a ball out. At first everyone was very hard working and stressing. Very competitive. Then you just hear “QUICKLY JOSH PUT YOUR CHEEK AGAINST THE HOLE!!” We were still serious until we hear josh say “AHHHHHHH!!! IT’S IN MY EAR! It has now seeped into my brain.” We started laughing and then everyone was mentioning every oriphious that had water in. It was lovely because we stopped being serious and started enjoying ourselves. The same activity you had 3 teammates blindfolded and 1 leader trying to get the blindfolded to pick up a puzzle piece. Two of the boys were running because we behind and then BANG they smashed against each other. More laughs were shared and we started winning because we were working well together. We had to make a skit for around the bon fire. I had to take the leader role here other wise we would have been doing an insensitive skit on mentally challenged children. I told everyone the skit I had in mind, which is called Mr Price.

Guy 1 walks by with a nice hat on

Girl 1: Damn I like your hat!

Guy 1: I got it from Mr Price

Guy 2 walks by with a nice shirt on

Girl 2: Damn I like your shirt

Guy 2: I got it from Mr Price

Guy 3 walks by with nice shorts on

Girl 3: Damn I like your shorts

Guy 3: I got it from Mr Price.

Guy  4 walks up traumatized and in only a towel.

Girl 4: OH MY GOSH!! What’s your name?

Guy 4: Mr Price…

I had to explain it 7 times but they found it funny eventually and I got one of the boy leaders hooked when I told him he could be Mr Price. We doubled up on everything though so we had two Mr Prices. We were the most practised group there. When we did it was a hit… Or so I thought. I found out later that just about NO ONE got our skit! I got it and it was funny and that’s all that matters.

This is for dad:



After the bon fire that was a hit with everyone and got quite violent in the end with lots of


Speaking of violent. There was one fight at the camp. Some one said something to get someone else agro. Someone else took it personally and responded rudely then some one punched someone else. Neither of them were aloud free time. Poor someone else. He is a very sweat guy that I would never see in a fight ever. He had a red eye and a swollen lip.

Day 3: We split our groups (instead of 7 separate groups we had 4) I was with TAMLIN!!! I was also with most of my other group. Our first activity was figuring out a way to get through a ‘spider web’. Only two people were aloud through one hole. No touching the sides. We had to pick a guy and girl leader. The guy leader was the creepy “I’m cold guy” and I was nominated as the female leader. Again I had to be bossy. There were 27 of us. I could not talk to each one individually and nicely. No I had to talk to them with authority. And if that makes me bossy then I’m sorry I’m bossy. We were doing very well. We had figured out a way to get the nice thin skinny people through the nice small girls through. Then we figured out a way to get the two larger girls through which I will say was quite difficult. They stood on my back. On MY BACK!!!! I was gracious and kept telling them that they were like feathers. I was very nice. They went through on to another girls back on the other side right. Who got all the slaps on the back saying “Wow! Well done they stood on your back and EVERYTHING”. Why no not me. Of course the girl on the other side. Oh well. We managed lots of people to get through but the whistle blew and we had to move on. Which sucked because we would have got everyone over I’m telling you now! The rest of the activities were okay I guess but I liked The Spider Web one the most because it really challenged my leading abilities. I mean REALLY challenged me! We then got on the bus where we sang Adele songs all the way home.

I am now home and have almost no voice. I had such a wonderful time and will be uploading pictures as soon as I can!

February 1   Ridiculous

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Computer Lessons are a complete joke. Wait, jokes are supposed to be fun and jolly. Never mind, Computer Lessons are completely STUPID!! A waste of time. In the beginning before the first lesson I was a bit iphy with the whole situation because not only had they called the Computer Room the Tech Lab (no calling it that WON’T make it more interesting or fun). But our principal’s wife is the new computers teacher. Yes that’s right the woman who vowed to live with him forever and ever came to our school to be a substitute grade 3 teacher. Now, she is the computer’s teacher. Aren’t there qualifications? Our first lesson truly PISSED ME OFF. They made us sign contracts. Yes, us. The poor, unsuspecting class of Gr. 7F. Now you may be wondering What’s wrong with that?

Most of the children who aren’t me signed it. Before they even read it!!! She did go through it but the bottom line behind the fancy words that some of our stupider children didn’t understand was We Can Hold YOU Responsible For The Damage Of Your Computer. Which I guess they have the right to do. But some of those children signed it so that they could play on the computers. I read it very carefully but what else was I going to do? I like computers. Wait, correction. I liked computers.

Our computer lessons now are going onto a website time thing which is totally ridiculous. What it is, is it’s a program that annihilates the most important factor that we should learn in computers. Research. But noooooo. Why would we subject these children to the Internet? It’s completely and utterly BOOHUCKY! So they give you all the information in a neat little folder. All you have to do is follow her insanely exact and LONG explanation of what you need to do. By going into another program and picking a style then, wait this is the best part, you get to choose the colour!!! Isn’t that great? She got very excited (I’ll call it excitement because there isn’t a description of that sort of half hearted enthusiasm that she possesses) that you were able to change the colour and “make it our own”. Oh yes, the pictures are already downloaded for you in another neat little folder. It makes me puke. Today she wanted us to finish what we started (the colour thing) in the previous lesson. I was done. It wasn’t difficult. You may think that’s because I own a computer and have experience. It’s not. There is no way that you could fail this. Or even get bad marks. Of course there are no games allowed unless she says that you may play (which she hadn’t). I put my hand up to ask what to do next. I don’t know if she was doing it on purpose or sub-contiously but she went to everyone and I mean EVERYONE before me. I couldn’t understand it. I put my hand up nicely like everyone else. I even didn’t speak while my hand up. But no. I felt like getting her fancy earphones and smashing them on the floor to get her attention. I didn’t though because remember I signed a contract and I would be held fully responsible (like I wouldn’t anyway). I ended up doing an activity on her stupid program which teaches you to type without looking at the keyboard. I agree with the thought of the program (for people who can’t type or touch type). But in what world, I ask you with tears in my baby blue eyes , do you ever type ANYTHING close to this:

Ghhdjklls ;fjsaajf gh hgjdk fls;a hfsdjkl skskksslakj ;ahgfi gkaldgk aslskdj

Hmmm? And for once I’m not even exaggerating. It might help people who aren’t like me and who can’t type. Anyway. I started typing then I tell you THEN she notices me and asked me smugly if I had finished all my work. I replied without any anger that you’ve seen in this blog post Yes.  She told us about the next activity. Something we did last year. Again all the information already given to us and the extra program we’d used in the last activity and deary me the ability to change the colour. I’m telling you I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!

*This is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings it is all my opinion and I’m sure if you try hard you’ll find someone who likes the lessons.

January 27   More Survival Is Key

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It’s finally the last day of the school year. The only reason children still have school holidays is to earn money. It is not compulsory but most families ask their children to do it for the extra cash. Sky has worked all her school holidays since she was 15. She wasn’t asked she just went out and found a job that required little thought but paid well enough for a 15 year old girl. We learnt in history that girls once were equal to boys. That is not the case although women are still aloud to work. There are small changes that make it difficult for us to be seen as anything besides baby makers and chore doers. All woman work if they want to live. The woman who can afford not to work are the type that are so high up with The Ruler that they were not worried about being disposed of as long as they keep him happy.  Girls get paid less for their incompetence. One day I asked Sky’s boss why she was paid less. He told me that she was incompetent. When I asked why I was not only banned from being in the shop but Sky got fired aswel. She wasn’t too upset because he paid badly even for most of the people now a day. She found another job in another shop. It sold only canned foods and packs of dried food that were supposed to last you 3 days in the wild. He was kinder and more involved with survival than what Sky was doing. So I would come down almost every day of the holiday. He’s a weirdo but was kind enough to teach me a bit of hand-to-hand combat. I had no idea why he’d ever seen the point in learning it. He kept saying, “Ya never know when you might use it” in his stupid accent. Which is ridiculous. Fighting is forbidden. Guns are forbidden aswel but every one knows where you can get a gun when you need one.

We live in a first world country but there is nothing glamorous about it. There are no beggars at traffic lights and no shacks cluttering up land. But first world doesn’t mean the same thing anymore. It means that everyone is getting a wage (which is good) and everyone has a house (which is good), which means everyone is paying taxes so the country can ‘develop more technology’ and The Ruler can be more powerful and rich but you will be paying for it. You’re only rich and happy if you’re close to the Ruler and even then you have to watch what you say and always have to flatter him.

(this is carrying on directly from the last Survival Is Key post).

January 26   i’m flattered but no!

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There is a boy who used to be in my class whom will remain nameless for his own dignity.

This boy has liked every girl there is. Mainly because everybody calls him gay. I am a firm believer of “You don’t need to be mean until someone is mean to you and then you can whip their BUTS!”. I do stand up for him because I believe he cannot look after himself in that way. Although if he has said something first I can very quickly change my side. The first time I ever spoke to him was when he first asked me out in grade 5 and THEN asked me my name… That should be an indicator of how ‘smooth’ he his. I politely declined due to the fact of I DON”T KNOW HIM AT ALL!!! In grade 6 he was in my class. He very tackily asked me out by putting a note on my desk. He followed me around like a puppy because I said maybe (MY mistake). I finally declined after wanting some PRIVACY! He was very pushy. He always asked ‘So?’ ‘Why not?’. Anyway… He is not in my class and appeared to like a new girl (that doesn’t know his reputation and nickname). I have been particularly nice to everyone this year. Maybe it’s my prefect badge; maybe it’s my all round lovely personality (hee hee). He was walking while I was walking and I had a very pleasant chat with him. A couple of days later (today) he asked Tamlin and I whether or not we have dates to the up coming social (Uh, ya right.). We told him that at the moment that it was each other (sobbing into each others shoulders). He pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to go with someone else (hint hint). I could’ve said “Uh yes! But not you!” or “NO!!! EWW!!” like all the girls instructed when I told them afterwards. Instead (being a lovely person and all) I said that it was very sweet of him and that I was flattered but I wanted to keep my options open because the social is far away. I thanked him for asking and left. See? How sweet was that?

I can’t help do the girly thing and go “I SO just got asked out to the social!”. Instead I do the geeky me thing and come blog about it. I LOVE MY LIFE :)

January 25   Sleepovers?

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Sleepovers are weird. They can reduce the smartest and most sophisticated girls to little girls with their pillows and talking about boys, makeup, boys, that girl they hate. Hollywood has made it a well know stereotype that girls do that. I of course have always thought that, that is ridiculous and all made up… It’s not…

I wonder what boys think about? Boobs, sex, boobs and that girls they hate. You don’t want to forget…  Megan Fox…Eeeeeewww!

It’s best not to think about it.

Today was okay.

My grades ones were completely insane and WINEY!!! I refuse to let my child wine.

January 19   Survival Is Key

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Survival is Key

CHAPTER 1- Life as we know it

It’s different but the same. We always hear stories of the past, of how good it used to be. We hear the stories of how our parents met, of how it is so romantic. They always remind us of how love can rule you. I really don’t pay attention. Romance is not fit for this era, maybe in the past love was part of it all. Maybe love was what they lived for. Now we live to stay alive. Our parents say that they met at an orphanage. An orphanage was a new concept to us that we’d never heard of. It seams so in the past that I don’t know why they tell the story still. When they met they fell madly in love with each other (They were about 17 and were able to leave the orphanage). Leaving the orphanage meant that my parents could go off and search for their families. “They were bound to be out there somewhere!”. I now know where Sky gets her optimistic spirit from. I am neither a pessimist nor an optimist. I don’t spend my time thinking about glasses of water. I do know that if you’re dieing of thirst that, that glass of water is going to save your life. Whether it’s half full or half empty. My parents say that they wanted to start a family together after years of trying to find any relatives. A few months later there was Sky. Then a few more years there was me.

 Life isn’t easy and it’s certainly not a happy place. You live to create money. When you stop making money you are disposed of…

To the Ruler we are only little matchsticks holding up his matchstick kingdom. As soon as you become of no need. And you are disposed of. It is not uncommon. Although I hear my parents rant on and on about it. Unfortunately it’s quite spoken of these days. Of course not in the classroom. The Ruler doesn’t want us to believe that he could do wrong. The only issue that I have with him disposing people-other than the obvious taking of the lives of the innocent and all- is the fact that he does it in peculiar ways. I’ve heard of sending them over seas with a bounty over their heads, a woman ‘tripped’ into a pool of hungry sharks and other odd ways to go. I remember a long time ago when I was very young my father was told to transfer jobs. He had one day to get all his things together and move to the office building across town. The message that got to the Ruler was that he had the day off. His boss was fired which probably means he didn’t live and my dad was sent a lovely letter in a black envelope that read:


You have won a free trip to destination of your choice.

It was wrong. He was going to be sent to be killed. He replied very sweetly with another envelope. That our mighty Ruler must of got it wrong because he would be working all of the next week and that he would have loved to but couldn‘t see himself able to get leave. 

The Ruler doesn’t like to be told anything let alone that he’s wrong. My mother always tells my dad that he really shouldn’t have done that. They bicker a lot but I know that they still love each other.  They never fight fight.  Only disagree a lot.

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Once apon a time I tried to write a book. I had only ever read about two books so my expirience was not on the good side. I wrote about 29 A4 pages but it got dapressing and it really wasn’t good. I am now writting the same story. It’s different and definetly better! I am breaking it down in to little bits becuase I can not always write everyday. Everyday I write I will post more but for the moment I will give you a little bit of it.

January 16   2nd break AND 1st break

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The list of duties was formally put up today. Which means I don’t have to go down everyday to the grade 1’s. Only Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. Which meant not only did I get my first break of the school year but also it was a 1st break, which means it’s longer!! I also got a second break. The whole break I was in a good mood and had a smile on my face the whole time! I was goalie with Tamlin, which was AWESOME! I got to hang out with my friends one again. Second break was interesting…

There is a new girl in Mrs CF’s class. She has a strong accent, which I am currently working on. But I do need to shoot the person who said that she might be French or Australian. Both are very distinct accents neither of which even resembles her kind of American accent. I have a Jabulani ball which are the hardest, firmest balls in the market (not dodgy). I like this type because when it’s flying towards your leg it bounces off and doesn’t hurt much (despite what you might think) although the down side is that if it comes towards your face you might become unconscious. A boy was shooting at the goals. Not for points just for fun. He can kick freakishly hard. Because it wasn’t the game Tamlin and I just gave up and retreated out of the goals quickly. Seeing as that would bruise us internally and we like our lives. He kicked it and scored obviously. Everyone was amazed as this MISSILE entered the goals. Then this French/Australian/ American came to us and said “Oh I can be goalie if you like.” One of the boys was like “Oh dear”. We very sweetly told us that it was fine really. We asked about her and where she came from. Then I introduced Tamlin and me. But now I’m determined to show her that Tamlin and I are actually really good goalies and that we don’t flunk out every time. But other than that by day was pretty awesome! Except for the heat. It’s killing me!!!!